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Follow the Evidence: The Trial of the Lincoln Conspirators

Lincoln CSI Header

Dr. Samuel Mudd

Dr. Samuel Mudd | Evidence | Prosecution | Defense | 
April 14, 1865 | The Conspirators


After reviewing the evidence, do feel Dr. Mudd is guilty or innocent?



















The military commission convicted Dr. Samuel Mudd and sentenced him to life in prison. Mudd was pardoned by President Johnson shortly before he left office in 1867.

Llincoln CSI

Get out of jail free card, Monopoly set
Wikia Monolpoly























The military commission feels you are making the wrong decision, better look at the evidence again.

Lincoln CSI



Washington Navy Yard, D.C. Unidentified
man, arrested on suspicion of being a
conspirator (has been erroneously taken
for Dr. Samuel A. Mudd, who had a bald
forehead; but is probably Hartman
Richter, Atzerodt's cousin, arrested with
him but later released)
Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs



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