Senior Seminar or Study Abroad Capstone


(3 Semester Hours)


Senior Seminar

Senior seminars are offered in a number of subjects and disciplines each semester, each one organized around a particular subject/issue important to contemporary society.  Each seminar is listed by title and instructor in the schedule of courses each semester.  The student must successfully complete a seminar outside of his or her major. (Students may take a senior seminar once they have completed 75 semester hours. However, so that those nearing graduation will have first access to seats, only students who have earned or will have earned 90 hours may register without the assistance of the offering department.) 


The Senior Seminar at Eastern Illinois University is designed to be a cross-disciplinary culminating experience that will provide students with an opportunity to apply concepts and use skills developed in both their general education and major courses.  Information about topics of major importance, e.g. the Holocaust, Social Movements, Women in Science, Technology, Controversies in Education, Sociobiology, etc. will be read, analyzed, discussed, and written about in a three semester-hour seminar led by a faculty member of a discipline different from those of the students.  To allow ample time for writing and discussion, senior seminars will be limited to a maximum of 25 students.  As an element of the general education curriculum, each senior seminar shall focus on some aspect of citizenship.



Study Abroad Capstone

Study Abroad Program (2+ semester hours) and STA 4000G (1 semester hour) – Study Abroad is a high quality international academic opportunity that enables students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for leadership in an interdependent world. The University offers study abroad programs in more than 30 countries around the world. Competitive scholarships are available. Students should plan and apply early. After successful completion of an approved EIU study abroad program, and 75 semester hours, students are eligible to take STA 4000G. As a capstone, STA 4000G will require students to exercise their abilities to think critically about their global education experiences. STA 4000G incorporates university assessment activities, which may include tests, surveys and other instruments. To allow ample time for writing and discussion, STA 4000G, will be limited to a maximum of 25 students.


·        STA 4000G, Study Abroad Capstone. (1-0-1)



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