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How is the Edcamp EIU schedule being built? We have "The Grid"!

This is not PD or a conference with prepared schedules of session titles, speakers and abstracts - it is time to think outside of the box and take a leadership role in your own professional development.  EdCamps are unconference events which focus on education.  Instead of attending a presentation where one person shares ideas with an audience, EdCamps encourage conversation and participation among all attendees.

Participants determine the topics for the day, and take an active role in determining the direction of the conference and each session. Sessions will likely involve creating, discussing, analyzing, imagining and doing.

For this to work, participants should come with ideas for session topics that they would like to discuss.  Session topics may vary from “big picture” ideas like the role of the teacher in the next generation classroom to specifics on technology tools, homework policies, and pedagogical best practices.

 collaborateAlready have an idea? Send us your topic suggestion or volunteer to host a session. There are three ways that you can do this: Tweet it, send Cindy an email at or step up that morning. 

After registration we gather in the auditorium for a quick welcome and overview. We then move upstairs for a light breakfast and create the grid. Participants post an idea to the "Let's talk about... Brainstorming Area" where similar topics will be grouped. From that, the grid will be completed. We will then return to the auditorium for the "Kick Off" and to share the grid. 


There will be three breakout blocks of 45 minutes each. The rule of the unconference is to vote with your feet.  If a conversation doesn’t meet your needs, simply get up and move on to another room.  If you would like to pop into more than one session in a particular time slot, that’s another reason to make a move.

You will talk about teaching strategies, make new friends, connect with old friends and spend some time with others "who know". It is a wonderful morning. 

Have you ever been out socially and unexpectedly
met up with fellow teachers? 
Did you start "talking shop"?

Take advantage of this chance to gather with peers and discuss what matters to you!
Invite teachers that you see daily, teachers in your professional organizations, and teachers who share you interests at other schools and communities. 
This is PD for teachers that is driven by teachers.


If you want to help out in advance we encourage you to share topic suggestions. If you have a group or want to gather a group to talk about something specific, identify the topic and volunteer to host that session. Feel free to take to social media and recruit other teachers who share your interest to meet you there! #edcampeiu

Tentative Schedule
7:45 ----     Registration Opens  (Buzzard Hall, 1st floor Atrium in center of building)
8:10       Welcome/Orientation (Buzzard Auditorium)
8:15       Breakfast and Session Building
8:45       Kick Off! (Buzzard Auditorium) You don't want to miss this!
9:15 - 9:50   Breakout Sessions #1
10:00 - 10:45   Breakout Sessions #2
10:55 - 11:40   Breakout Sessions #3
11:45 - Noonish   SMACKDOWN and Closing

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