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EIU Master of Arts in Economics

Process for Submitting A Completed Thesis

  1. Get a copy of the Thesis Deposit Packet from the Graduate Office. You can also print the packets contents from the Graduate School's website here. The Thesis Deposit Packet will consist of:
    • Removal of I or DC Grade Form
    • Binding Request Form
    • Thesis Deposit Certificate
    • Thesis Reproduction Certificates
    • Instructions on Thesis format
  2. If you began the thesis in a previous semester, immediately after the thesis defense, and the approval of the Committee Chair on the revised completed thesis, present the 'Removal of I Grade Form' to the Committee Chair to sign. The signed copy should then be submitted to the Records Office either by the student or the professor.
  3. Next, write out the number of copies of thesis to be bound on the 'Binding Request Form.' (NOTE: 2 copies of the thesis have to be submitted to the library). The 'Binding Request Form' must be submitted to the Cashier's Office for payment. The price for binding is $10/copy. (Cash, Credit Cards, and Checks are accepted at the Cashier's Office.)
  4. Once you make the payment, you will be given a receipt by the Cashier's Office.
  5. Before you submit the thesis to the library, follow all the formatting requirements stated in the Thesis Deposit Packet. All the papers have to be 100% cotton bond paper. Cover sheet can be printed from the internet or purchase at the bookstore for $0.15/sheet. Remember to type in the thesis title, name, the type of degree and the year on each cover sheet and provide to both the Department Head and the Committee Chair to sign. Arrange the thesis according to the instructions given in the Thesis Deposit Packet and place each thesis in a different envelope.
  6. When you go to the library (Periodicals section) to have the thesis bound, be sure you have:
    • Receipt from Cashier's Office
    • Copies of thesis in different individual envelopes
    • 2 signed copies of Thesis Reproduction Certificates
    • Thesis Deposit Certificate Form
  7. The librarian will check all the copies of the thesis and will then sign the 'Thesis Deposit Certificate Form'.
  8. Submit the signed 'Thesis Deposit Certificate Form' to Graduate Office (Patti Bailey).
  9. She will go through the student records and other requirements needed for graduation.
  10. Graduate.

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