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Working Artists - Selections for the Tarble Permanent Collection

This exhibition historicizes the role of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) in central Illinois by showcasing the work produced by artists employed by a major federal agency during the Great Depression. Artwork created during this period focused on a variety of themes, including folk art, regionalism, and the American working class. Not only is the artwork significant as a distinct movement in the long history of the development of art, but the story behind each piece provides insight into the artist, the historical moment which they represent, the budding artistic movement, as well as the political and economic realities of the era.

Students enrolled in a public history practicum course taught by Dr. Camden Burd will get hands-on experience in a museum by researching works in the Tarble’s permanent collection, working with Tarble staff on curatorial methodologies, and facilitating relationships with community partners to share, promote, and exhibit their work. In support of the public exhibition, project participants will work with Booth library to create an online resource guide and digital records that connect historical research to contemporary narratives.

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02/14 at 10:00 am through 03/26 at 4:00 pm
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