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Joe Meiser Solo Exhibition

Joe Meiser:
Transcribing - Transposing

January 2 - February 16
Tarble Arts Center, eGallery

Artist’s Lecture and Closing Reception
Monday, February 17 • 7:30 p.m.

Tarble Arts Center, Atrium

Joe Meiser creates sculpture, installation and performance art. He uses his production of art to investigate the human condition. “I’m astonished by human behavior, perplexed by the coexistence of beauty and terror in the world, and captivated by the plethora of stories that other humans have created,”  states Meiser. “The human tendency to mythologize is both thesubject and strategy of my work -- while analyzing our compulsion to create metaphysical narratives, I simultaneously weave my own.”

Meiser is an assistant professor at Bucknell University, where he teaches sculpture and drawing. He actively exhibits his artwork in venues across the country.

This is a New & Emerging Artists Series program presented by the EIU Department of Art and the Tarble Arts Center.

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