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More than 400 undergraduate students have been named to Eastern Illinois University’s Spring 2023 Deans' List.

The Deans’ List at EIU recognizes undergraduates with a declared major whose academic performance has been excellent. Students who achieve a GPA of 3.80 to 4.00 (on a 4.00 scale) while completing a minimum of 12 graded semester hours, excluding credit/no credit grades, in a fall or spring semester will be named to the Deans’ List. (Zip code information has been included for media use.)


Name City State Zip College Department
Perez-Korinko, Claire MAgoura HillsCA91301-4514Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Krouse, Ellie AAlbionIL62806-1118Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Bovard, Jeanette LAltamontIL62411-2646Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hayes, Hannah EAltonIL62002-4246Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Aguilar, Oscar ArcolaIL61910-1721Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Mora, Vanessa ArcolaIL61910-1112Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Myers, Mason DArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Benz, Katja KArlington HeightsIL60004-6616Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Espinosa, Ash Arlington HeightsIL60005-4738Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Abercrombie, Abby DArthurIL61911-1021Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Yeakel, Kaylee CArthurIL61911-1003Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Moore, Josie MAssumptionIL62510-1333Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Lendy, Caroline RAthensIL62613-9629Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Agans, Tori TAuburnIL62615-1331Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Marino, Alyssa BartlettIL60103-4440Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Matwij, Bill EBartlettIL60103-2977Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Day, Paige EBeecher CityIL62414-2323Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rochaix, Catalina Lbellville2550Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Davenport, Carson LBementIL61813-1314Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Jara, Karina ABerwynIL60402-3904Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Chappell, Hailey GBethaltoIL62010-1022Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Ward, Mikhayla JBethanyIL61914-8034Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Omundson, Grace EBismarckIL61814-5061Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Omundson, Olivia RBismarckIL61814-5061Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
McBride, Abby JBloomingtonIL61704-8584Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rasmus, Lizzie PBloomingtonIL61705-7108Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rodriguez, Carlos ABlue IslandIL60406-5186Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Ventura, Monica BolingbrookIL60440-1016Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Whatcott, David SBolingbrookIL60440-3490Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Vanswol, Preston ABourbonnaisIL60914-3303Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Perino, Rachael LBraidwoodIL60408-1621Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Dumstorff, Holly CBreeseIL622303607Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Carroll, Isabella NBroctonIL61917-8145Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Carroll, Josephine SBroctonIL61917-8145Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Walk, Makenzie RBrownstownIL62418-4535Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Anderson, Brendon TBufordGA30519-4298Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Ostendorf, Robbi GBunker HillIL62014-2436Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science


Name City State Zip College Department
Chavis, Sophia GCantrallIL62625-9766Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Tarquin, Taryn NCarlsbadCA92011-2319Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
O'Daniel, Alex LCarmiIL62821-4822Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Rath, Cayleigh SCartervilleIL62918-3100Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Miller, Ethan BCaseyIL62420-3542Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Woods, Fiona ECentraliaIL62801Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Carley, Jonathan MChampaignIL61820-7301Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Mosley, Tyeisha TChampaignIL61822-1908Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Phillips, Jonas TChampaignIL618203333Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Yeazel, Alex JChampaignIL61822-1459Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Jermolowicz, Olivia RChannahonIL60410-8789Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Abbott, Ella RCharlestonIL61920-3579Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Angel, Maria GCharlestonIL61920-4803Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Bonnstetter, Abbie ECharlestonIL619203713Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Chen, Ashley CharlestonIL61920-3338Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Cheney, Nicholas CCharlestonIL61920-3858Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Cope, Will DCharlestonIL61920-7884Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Eccles, Sam CCharlestonIL61920-3310Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Eckford, Jatrisha TCharlestonIL61920-4124Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Edwards, Theo ECharlestonIL61920-2797Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Estes, Karrin RCharlestonIL61920-2899Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Fifield, Ashton MCharlestonIL61920-3731Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Gardner, Dayden WCharlestonIL61920-2623Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Guo, Wentao CharlestonIL61920-4014Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Hallford, Gabriel LCharlestonIL61920-3588Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Hightower, Vanessa MCharlestonIL61920-3478Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Kang, Bri CharlestonIL61920-4331Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kauzlarich, Jaren NCharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Kinsel, Erica LCharlestonIL61920-1215Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Lane, Liv GCharlestonIL61920-4142Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Larson, Hannah MCharlestonIL61920-6601Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Lee, Love CharlestonIL61920-5401Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Legge, Shannon MCharlestonIL61920-3391Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Lugar, Ella ACharlestonIL61920-1312Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Mellott, Connor WCharlestonIL61920-4400Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Moody, Ryan MCharlestonIL61920-3226Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Oakley, Noah TCharlestonIL61920-8604Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ogunlodu, Toluwani LCharlestonIL61920-4014Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Okolie, Chinenyenwa NCharlestonIL61920-1948Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Pearson, Alex LCharlestonIL61920-4413Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Qaiser, Zainab CharlestonIL61920-3939Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Reed, Jakob DCharlestonIL61920-7962Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Reedy, Braden MCharlestonIL61920-3838Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Sie, Kouassi JCharlestonIL61920-4014Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Sipes, Anna JCharlestonIL61920-8504Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Spencer, Hannah FCharlestonIL61920-2918Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Stavros, Allison MCharlestonIL61920-4031Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Svika, Elsie JCharlestonIL61920-3393Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Taylor, Shayla RCharlestonIL61920-3643Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Tolch, Samantha NCharlestonIL61920-3063Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Tolppanen, Benjamin LCharlestonIL61920-4113Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Torrepalma, Dominic ACharlestonIL61920-4131Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Tyner, Luke KCharlestonIL61920-9088Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Ulrey, Lindsey RCharlestonIL61920-1324Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Veatch, Madison CharlestonIL61920-8479Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Villalobos Beltran, Marla SCharlestonIL61920-1955Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Vosburgh, Heather MCharlestonIL61920-4010Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Manansala, Cass CChathamIL62629-1012Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Beltran, Anthony OChicagoIL60638-4120Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Chavolla, Jasmin AChicagoIL60638-2638Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Hall, Keneddi KChicagoIL60623-2530Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Jones, Sommer ChicagoIL60643-4606Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Kurczak, Andrew JChicagoIL60630Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Lara Solis, Yakelin ChicagoIL606415415Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Ngo Ngimbous, Georgia ChicagoIL60626Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Rugh, Mary LChicagoIL60613-6543Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Stinson, Shanisa SChicagoIL60619-7539Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Tobias, Jenna MChicagoIL60655-2606Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Walker, Celestine ChicagoIL60620-3214Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Zagal, Saul ChicagoIL60617-5053Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Donovan, Alexander SChillicotheIL61523-1251Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Steber, Ethan PClaremontIL62421-2330Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Cartright, Anden LClay CityIL62824-2209Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Kesner, Devyn BClay CityIL62824-2305Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Cunningham, Caleb JClintonIL61727-1617Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Hausman, Alli TCoal CityIL60416-1420Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Ozier, Brook CCoffeenIL62017-1053Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Meek, Dylan JCollinsvilleIL62234-6817Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Carter, Destinee SCountry Club HillsIL60478-5827Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hoyne, Stephanie ICrest HillIL60403-1735Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Becker, Angela KCrystal LakeIL60014-1837Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Vasquez, Pedro Crystal LakeIL60014-8312Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry


Name City State Zip College Department
German, Kennedy EDahindaIL61428-5036Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Barnes, Ethan LDanvilleIL61832-2924Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Barrett, Mersadeez LDanvilleIL61832-1415Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Burnett, Bryce ADanvilleIL61834-8028Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Dotson, Emyle MDanvilleIL61832-5205Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gullotta, Isabella RDanvilleIL61832-2311Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Islam, Leilani MDanvilleIL61832-8323Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Love, Kenya SDanvilleIL61832-3848Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
McQueen, Madeline LDanvilleIL61832-1856Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Owen, Jacob MDanvilleIL61832-1807Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Russell, Jillian RDanvilleIL61834-7465Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Smith, Nevaeh JDanvilleIL61834-1283Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Cameron, Haley BDaytonTN37321-5432Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ritter, Emily RDe LandIL61839-7010Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Burns, Audrey NDecaturIL62526-9327Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Idle, Bekah MDecaturIL62526-1134Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Still, Emily GDecaturIL62526-2271Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Swift, Everett MDecaturIL62522-9507Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Karki, Prabin Dhankuta44600Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Marrandino, Melanie ADixonIL61021-3716Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Huffman, Trevor JDonovanIL60931-8028Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
O'Rourke, Makenna DDownsIL61736-9469Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Bottom, Keegan REarlvilleIL60518-8095Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Gausmann, Emerson GEdwardsvilleIL62025-1337Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Tillerson, Michaela MEdwardsvilleIL62025-1246Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Coffin, Jonathan GEffinghamIL62401-3725Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Fedrigon, Jordan DEffinghamIL62401-1628Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Flaig, Luke HEffinghamIL62401-4650Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Miller, Pamela EffinghamIL62401-3037Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Nantes, Isabella WEffinghamIL62401-2924Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Rickfelder, Elizabeth MEffinghamIL62401-4135Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Swan, Jarrett TEffinghamIL62401-4709Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Montemayor, Kayla MElk Grove VillageIL60007-3803Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Jeschke, Abby CElkvilleIL62932-1098Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hawkshaw, Caroline MEvergreen ParkIL60805-2921Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Winterland, Katelind EFairburyIL61739-9558Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Hill, Ellie SFairfieldIL62837-1058Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Totten, Heather DFindlayIL62534-9690Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Maulucci, Jacqueline GFishersIN46040-8133Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Harrell, Madison LFloraIL628392403Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Morgan, Malik TFord HeightsIL60411-2206Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Dunlop, Miller HFrankfortIL60423-6928Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
O'Neill, Ceile EFrankfortIL60423-8133Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Sanchez, Paulina FrankfortIL60423-8989Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Weber, Eva PFreeburgIL622434056Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Bales, Emily EGenevaIL60134-2842Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Bartelt, Bridget JGenevaIL60134-4630Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Sennett, Sam PGenevaIL60134-4665Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Dean, Elena RGeorgetownIL61846-6193Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Redman, Michael WGermantownIL62245-1909Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Johnson, Katie MGibson CityIL60936-1133Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Soltis, Alex LGiffordIL61847-9710Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Keith, Emma EGig HarborWA98332-8051Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Gonzalez, Aidan JGilbertsIL60136-4003Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Marron, John MGlendale HeightsIL60139-1979Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Bergman, Faith AGlenviewIL60026-2038Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Jackson, D'Ajanae MGranite CityIL62040-3406Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Finley, Kaylan EGreenupIL62428-1330Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Miller, Jaelyn RGreenupIL62428-0081Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Schoenherr, Emma CGurneeIL60031-1983Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science


Name City State Zip College Department
Wallace, Thomas JHalifaxNSB3K 2B2Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
DeRamus, Nia SHazel CrestIL60429-2407Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Preston, Corbin RHerrinIL62948-6348Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Mullinax, Marie LHerscherIL60941-9516Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Baisden, Alonna JHickory HillsIL60457-1309Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Belsanti, Harrison PHighwoodIL60040-1903Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Niemann, Erica LHillsboroIL62049-3436Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Bekkering, Ara FHoopestonIL60942-1216Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Johnson, Lyric MHortonvilleWI54944-9329Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Gonzalez, Briana THuntington BeachCA92647-2302Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hani, Lillian RHuntleyIL60142-4079Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Shin, Ann HwaseongFC18466Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Hetzel, Gabby JJerseyvilleIL62052-2307Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Roberts, Claire EJerseyvilleIL62052-2735Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Gouws, Christine Johannnesburg1709Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Lay, Ryan JJohnsburgIL60051-8458Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Kruczkowski, Cecilia VJolietIL60435-8577Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Meyer, William PJolietIL60431-4814Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Pinnick, Janaya FJolietIL60433-1267Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Hopper, Audrey RKankakeeIL60901-7298Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Nagel, Chronicle RKankakeeIL60901-8398Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Kubicek, Elijah EKansasIL61933-9711Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics


Name City State Zip College Department
Collins, Ella RLake MillsWI53551-2009Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Levitan, Ashley HLake ZurichIL60047-3322Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Kelly, Ali HLansingIL60438-3902Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Williamson, Matthew RLe RoyIL61752-9619Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Beals, Haley CLernaIL62440-2421Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Shores, Jayden NLernaIL62440-2817Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Flippin, Zaria HLexingtonSC29073-6201Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Turley, Aleaya LLincolnIL62656Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Aya, Anthony CLindenhurstIL60046-4992Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
O'Malley, Austin JLindenhurstIL60046-4932Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Evans, Emma RLitchfieldIL62056-4323Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Guinn, Carly RLitchfieldIL62056-1321Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Frye, Landen MLouisvilleIL62858-1209Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Frye, Raigan ALouisvilleIL62858-1209Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hale, Reaghan NLouisvilleIL62858-2841Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Gaines, Taeveon ALynwoodIL60411-1356Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science


Name City State Zip College Department
Wojcicki, Mckenna RMacombMI48044-4821Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Biegler, Nyah EMahometIL61853-7610Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Kilar, Sara MMahometIL61853-9246Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Augustine, Christopher ZManhattanIL60442-9280Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Blatti, Samantha LManhattanIL60442-9256Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Dooley, Emily AManhattanIL60442-6215Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Quinn, Lindsey DMansfieldIL61854-0623Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Levesque, Justin MMantenoIL60950-8408Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Mallaney, Patrick JMantenoIL60950-3380Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Talamonti, Anthony DMantenoIL60950-1684Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Turner, Anna DMarshallIL62441-1064Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Carey, KeiKei NMattoonIL61938-5910Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Coffey, Drew KMattoonIL61938-2051Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Dawson, Molly PMattoonIL61938-2608Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Donnelly, Erin CMattoonIL61938-4106Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Doty, Nicholas SMattoonIL61938-5934Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Fanelli, NIck JMattoonIL61938-5881Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Focht, Sarah AMattoonIL61938-2035Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Gasperini, Anthony MMattoonIL61938-9015Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Jones, Cheyenne RMattoonIL61938-2988Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kirts, Kegan PMattoonIL61938-2104Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Miller, Kaleb RMattoonIL61938-8652Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Ramage, Jacob CMattoonIL61938-9021Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Keigher, Estelle EMelvinIL60952-4069Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Frisby, August MMillstadtIL62260-2300Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Constanzo, Aaron CMinookaIL60447-8744Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Fox, Keagan JMokenaIL604481012Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Kurth, Maya RMonticelloIL61856-8035Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
McClellan, Grace EMonticelloIL61856-1017Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Massey, Anissa CMontroseIL62445-2237Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Weber, Aiden RMoroIL62067-1021Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Murphy, Addison FMorrisIL60450-9028Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Risinger, Angela MMortonIL615501837Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Schrader, Daisy AMount CarmelIL62863-2457Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Garland, Tj JMount ProspectIL60056-2444Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Smalley, Dylaney LMt ZionIL62549-9725Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Montgomery, Emma CMulkeytownIL62865-2750Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Haas, Amy KNashvilleIL62263-4319Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Mills, Madison MNashvilleIL62263-5905Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Vinson, Alana RNashvilleIN47448-8755Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Hanlan, Ty SNassau----Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Peters, Alexa NNew LenoxIL60451-3710Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Judy, Lynn PNewtonIL62448-3575Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Murray, Shaley ANewtonIL62448-3043Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Bryan, Will WNianticIL62551-9714Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Williams, Natalie GNianticIL62551-9738Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Hemrich, Kaleb LNobleIL62868-2228Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Meritt, Taylor RNobleIL62868-2345Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Keller, Sophia RNokomisIL62075-1609Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Fleming, Ethan DNormalIL61761-5436Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Jankowski, Meghan EOak ForestIL60452-4525Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Veach, Taylor AOaklandIL61943-7100Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Viehland, Ashlei LOaklandIL61943-5279Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Herman, Andrew POconomowocWI53066-4170Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Sharkus, Ashley MOconomowocWI53066-6912Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Milkowski, Lindy JOlatheKS66061-5039Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Blackford, Maddison LOlneyIL62450-4312Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hahn, Harrison MOlneyIL62450-2131Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Jensen, Carter DOlneyIL62450-3601Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Andrus, Christopher JOswegoIL60543-8046Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic


Name City State Zip College Department
Strauss, Jenna LPalatineIL60067-3497Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Biernbaum, August EPalestineIL62451-2618Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Hightshoe, Grayce LPalestineIL62451-1138Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Guzek, Karolina TPalos HillsIL60465-2412Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Rigdon, Lia MParisIL61944-2251Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Adams, Alicia MPark ForestIL60466-1139Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Keith, Oneisha LPark ForestIL60466-1338Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Bradbury, Cassie EPawneeIL62558-9458Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Withers, Amaya MPaxtonIL60957-1226Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wiseman, Presley BPaysonIL62360-1043Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Newton, Elizabeth JPeoriaIL61614-1404Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Johnson, Lindsey LPhiloIL61864-9759Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Carbins, Mikeya DPingree GroveIL60140-9119Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Morales, Isai NPingree GroveIL60140-6437Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ford, Ambria APlainfieldIL60586-6292Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wilkens, Jackson BPlainfieldIL60585-2827Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Morris, Macey CPlantationFL33317-2405Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Adams, Cydney LPlymouthMA02360Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Haab, Caeli MPontiacIL61764-2624Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
McDormand, Madi APontiacIL61764-2026Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Weaver, Brayden MPontiacIL617649332Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Corso, Caitlin RPoplar GroveIL61065-8538Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Turek, Sofia MPort BarringtonIL60010-1079Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Fauley, Ray NPort TownsendWA98368-2513Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Jansen, Riley EPrincetonIL61356-2839Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Hein, Hannah JRankinIL60960-9101Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Maxwell, Jade ARichton ParkIL60471-2432Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Vaughn, Kayla MRichton ParkIL60471-1824Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Walker, Tiffany CRichton ParkIL60471-1552Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hunt, Madeline RRiversideIL60546-1726Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Cornwell, Kasey SRobinsonIL62454-6490Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Nichols, Allison DRobinsonIL62454-2640Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Worthington, Faith ERochelleIL61068-1074Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Thing, Paige MRochesterIL625639566Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Phelps, Brenden TRockfordIL61103-3771Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Reed, Bailey ARockfordIL611094572Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Wilson, Noah ARolling MeadowsIL60008-2952Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Watts, Lex ARomeovilleIL60446-5163Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Barker, Nicole BRoscoeIL61073-6307Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Barnes, Jarad LRoxanaIL62084-1212Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Bauer, Riley VRoxanaIL62084-1320Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Wells, Katie CSadorusIL61872-9734Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Ruiz, Joshua Saint CharlesIL60174-1515Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Mills, Bailey JSaint JosephIL61873-9765Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Wescher, Eric ASalemIL62881-3601Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Martinez Mundo, Christina MSan JuanPR00926-4728Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Dukovac, Brielle ASandwichIL60548-9318Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Etuk, Destiny USauk VillageIL60411Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Einhaus, Haley LSenecaIL61360-9486Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Paape, Kirsten MShilohIL62269-5409Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Hansen, Natalie MShorewoodIL60404-5317Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Holt, Marshall EShorewoodIL60404-9721Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Cox, Gracie ASidneyIL61877-0295Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Lineman, Hannah DSouth BeloitIL61080-2802Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wellman, Emily PSouth ElginIL60177-2741Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Black, Annika ASouth JacksonvilleIL62650-9565Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Finch, Morgan CSouthburyCT06488-2106Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Anderson, Qwinsuan DSpringfieldIL62703-5751Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Edwards, Grant RSpringfieldIL62711-6232Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Johnson, Alexis RSpringfieldIL62702-3946Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Mlinar, Ashley ESpringfieldIL62711-6175Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Mlinar, Haley MSpringfieldIL62711-6175Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Coppotelli, Dante SterlingIL61081-3061Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Dittmar, Riley ASterlingIL61081-4294Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Walsher, Julianna CStickneyIL60402-4343Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Creek, Sierra KSullivanIL61951-1147Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Lytle, Kamee ASumnerIL62466-4336Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Knapp, Grace MSycamoreIL60178Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Payton, Mckenna ASyracuseUT84075Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory


Name City State Zip College Department
Enlow, Olivia CTaylorvilleIL62568-1659Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Matthews, Gage GTaylorvilleIL62568-1437Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre
Mossman, Diana RTeutopolisIL62467-3442Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Stead, Madalyn ETeutopolisIL62467-4010Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Thompson, Madison MTeutopolisIL62467-1021Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Webb, Camden MTeutopolisIL62467-1033Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Shaw, Emily DThird LakeIL60030-2602Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Budrick, Rebekka NTinley ParkIL60487-2789Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Gerfen, Harper CTinley ParkIL60487-7026Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
McLaughlin, Maddy ETinley ParkIL60477-7134Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Warszalek, Grace MTinley ParkIL60487-8618Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Zike, Lindsey EToledoIL62468-1313Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Butler, Sarah LTolonoIL61880-9476Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hancock, Harper ATolonoIL61880-9728Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Jones, Alex MTower HillIL62571-9756Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Paddock, Wendy LTremontIL61568-9223Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Schobernd, Ethan JTroyMO63379-4229Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Banta, Lainey MTuscolaIL61953-2033Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Duzan, Abigail JTuscolaIL61953-7540Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kibler, Jacob LTuscolaIL61953-1230Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Pickett, Sam DTuscolaIL61953-1956Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Stahler, Maddie CTuscolaIL61953-1048Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Allen, Jemma CUrbanaIL61801-6639Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Ditu, Celeste MUrbanaIL61802-1932Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Du, Haoran UrbanaIL61801-1046Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Hill, Reagan LViennaIL62995-2633Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Howard, Alexa AVilla GroveIL61956-9606Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Howard, Lydia JVilla GroveIL61956-9606Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Smith, Ashlynn GVilla GroveIL61956-9500Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Gillespie, Katie LVirdenIL62690-1408Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Luttrell, Mary RWashingtonIL61571-2805Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Aaron, Hope EWatsekaIL60970-7586Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hagen, Austin DWatsonIL62473-1040Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Carrillo, Ashley WaukeganIL60085-2620Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Galindo, Kevin AWaukeganIL60087-4536Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Kaupert, Ruben LWÌrzburg97074Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Sulejmani, Jan WÌrzburg97072Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Elkins, Eli WWest Terre HauteIN47885Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Minor, Jenna EWest Terre HauteIN47885-9631Liberal Arts & SciencesSch Communication & Journalism
Baird, Keyla AWest UnionIL62477-1003Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Young, Clayton LWestfieldIL62474Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Drake, Benjamin RWestvilleIL61883-1563Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Swart, Maddie IWheatfieldIN46392-7391Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Hedman, Lauren EWheatonIL60187-4623Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Smith, Shane AWheatonIL60189-7862Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Yusef, Jasmine WheelingIL60090-4933Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Cornish, Morgaine AWildwoodMO63011-4904Liberal Arts & SciencesWorld Languages & Cultures
Serna-Sanchez, Elizabeth WoodridgeIL60517Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Schumacher, Jackson AWoodstockIL60098-2948Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Biberdorf, Genevieve LWoodwayTX76712-3552Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Herman, Grace NXeniaIL62899-4218Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences


Name City State Zip College Department
Ghannam, Sharifeh BZionIL60099-5144Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hahn, Tristen JZionIL60099-3218Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Woerner, Jaden DZionsvilleIN46077-9147Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology

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