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More than 310 undergraduate students have been named to Eastern Illinois University’s Spring 2019 Deans' List.

The Deans’ List at EIU recognizes undergraduates with a declared major whose academic performance has been excellent. Students who achieve a GPA of 3.80 to 4.00 (on a 4.00 scale) while completing a minimum of 12 graded semester hours, excluding credit/no credit grades, in a fall or spring semester will be named to the Deans’ List. (Zip code information has been included for media use.)

Name College Department
Crane, Katie L.Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Patterson, Tess M.Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Suzuki, TsuyoshiLiberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design


Name City State Zip College Department
Mensah, Shirley T.Accra233Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Garcia, SaulAddisonIL60101Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Becker, Emily M.AltamontIL62411-1633Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Goldstein, Leah J.AltamontIL62411Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
York, Davalyn D.AltamontIL62411-3521Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Frosch, Jackson R.AltonIL62002Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Scullen, Brenna R.AndoverMN55304-2598Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Schroeder, Jared L.AntiochIL60002Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Hutton, Lucas J.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Miller, Macie A.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Myers, Hannah K.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Smothers, Hannah R.ArcolaIL61910Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Anderson, Jessica N.ArgentaIL62501-8124Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Clearwater, Jessica C.Arlington HeightsIL60004-1301Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Pinney, Ashlynn K.AshlandIL62612-0350Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gough, Grayson E.AshmoreIL61912Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wilson, Makenna P.AshmoreIL61912-8731Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Medler, Jesse R.AssumptionIL62510Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wilson, Jacquelyn B.AuroraIL60504Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Christianson, Colton A.BataviaIL60510Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Elmore, Morgan L.BellefontePA16823Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Harrison, William S.BellevilleIL62223Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Reinhardt, Alana L.BellevilleIL62223Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Moody, Travis L.BellmontIL62811Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Funches, Mia E.BellwoodIL60104Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Birch, Savannah N.BethanyIL61914-1044Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Monroe, Amy E.BethanyIL61914-7048Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Monroe, Blair K.BethanyIL61914-7048Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Horan, Rebecca A.BloomingtonIL61704Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Klein, William B.BloomingtonIN47404Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Olson, Kate L.BloomingtonIL61704-8191Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Vincent, Alexa J.BloomingtonIL61701Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Meents, Olivia N.BourbonnaisIL60914Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Wendlick, Megan J.BourbonnaisIL60914Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Wunder, Aleah C.BradleyIL60915Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Harbison, Dexter T.BrightonIL62012Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Bush, Abigail S.BroctonIL61917-0023Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Richards, Brandon L.BroctonIL61917-8215Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Kochevar, Ann M.Buffalo GroveIL60089Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Keane, Megan K.BurbankIL60459-2916Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hennegan, Samantha A.BurlingtonWI53105-9107Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Wilkins, Chelsey N.CaseyIL62420Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Bazzell-Smith, Kofi M.ChampaignIL61822-1857Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Heinlein, Lindsay A.ChampaignIL61820-7106Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hoang, Linh T.ChampaignIL61822Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Leslie, Jerome T.ChampaignIL61821-2714Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Perri, Michael V.ChampaignIL61822-2333Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Baird, Rebecca E.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Barnett, Corinne G.CharlestonIL61920-3493Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Bayer, Addison R.CharlestonIL61920-3156Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bayer, Jackson C.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Bays, Jacob M.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Boersma, Scott D.CharlestonIL61920-2721Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Burton, Ashlee M.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Cutright, Riley C.CharlestonIL61920-3155Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Esgar, Benjamin E.CharlestonIL61920-3094Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Fifield, Alexa M.CharlestonIL61920-3731Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gray, Tanner W.CharlestonIL61920-6618Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Heitman, Robyn O.CharlestonIL61920-3795Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Hovious, Danyelle J.CharlestonIL61920-1450Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hunter, Maya L.CharlestonIL61920-6643Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Klepzig, Logan K.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Land, Conner W.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Lee, DongjunCharlestonIL61920-3466Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Mitchell, Edwyn M.CharlestonIL61920-4064Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Nathan, Melissa A.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Noll, Keegan B.CharlestonIL61920-2325Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Padilla, Gloria P.CharlestonIL61920-3586Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Post, Alicia M.CharlestonIL61920-1779Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Scroggins, MacKenzie F.CharlestonIL61920-4923Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Skinner, Marcus A.CharlestonIL61920-3752Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Walker, Emma E.CharlestonIL61920Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Matusik, Morgan D.ChelseaMI48118Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Amos, Parrish P.ChicagoIL60622-0209Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Babic, MarianaChicagoIL60657-4521Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Collins, Carlos D.ChicagoIL60616-4648Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Cunningham, Jalyn S.ChicagoIL60649-2614Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Frye, Amani M.ChicagoIL60628-3224Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Jackson - Gladney, Amani T.ChicagoIL60649Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
McIntosh, Emily R.ChicagoIL60643-2147Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Moedano, CynthiaChicagoIL60623-3640Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Olaitan, FaroukChicagoIL60613Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Ramos, Nicholas A.ChicagoIL60634Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Serrano, Kathleen H.ChicagoIL60631Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Smith, Mariah A.ChicagoIL60649Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Wei, FoyChicagoIL60630-3331Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Bierly, Emily E.ChrismanIL61924-8008Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Melvin, Jackson R.ChristopherIL62822-1521Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Roth, Corben R.Clay CityIL62824-2209Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Saldana Johnson, Alger F.CoatsburgIL62325Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Barrio Sanchez, PilarCobena28863Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Philip, Joan M.Cochin682 020Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Campos, Araceli Y.Crystal LakeIL60014-1916Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Craig, Caitlyn M.Crystal LakeIL60014-8875Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Hannah, Ian R.Crystal LakeIL60014Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Runge, Margaret G.DavenportIA52807Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Cody, Lauren N.DecaturIL62521-5820Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Cook, Kieran A.DecaturIL62522Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hoffman, Lydia R.DeKalbIL60115-4446Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Mitchell, Bailey N.DelavanIL61734-9686Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Aronson, Jackie H.Des PlainesIL60016Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hester, Drew C.DixIL62830Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
File, Delainey M.Du QuoinIL62832-2526Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Keith, Sophia A.Du QuoinIL62832Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Roark, Emma J.DundasIL62425Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Kerley, Alexander J.DurandIL61024-9671Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography


Name City State Zip College Department
Arnold, Dydra M.EffinghamIL62401-2767Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Bierman, Kendra P.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Feldkamp, Sydney M.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Haller, Kelsi R.EffinghamIL62401-6906Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Jansen, Luke J.EffinghamIL62401-6930Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Liss, Avery J.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Meier, Megan A.EffinghamIL62401Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Spillman, Austin G.EffinghamIL62401-4354Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Linville, Mackenzie P.ElburnIL60119Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Spinnato, Jake A.ElginIL60124Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Becker, Daniel D.EssexIL60935Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Dwyer, Emma C.Evergreen ParkIL60805Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Egan, Caroline N.Evergreen ParkIL60805Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Fullriede, Ashley F.FairburyIL61739-1145Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Oakley, Brandi S.FarinaIL62838-2159Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Miller, Nicole L.FindlayIL62534Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Stanford, Alyssa N.FloraIL62839-2604Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Winka, Brooke T.FloraIL62839Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Greiner, Brooke R.FlorissantMO63034-1501Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ebert, Kaitlyn M.FoleyAL36535Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Booth, Taylor J.FrankfortIL60423Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
O'Connor, Thomas R.FrankfortIL60423Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Olsby, Paige M.FrankfortIL60423Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Hicks, Lillian M.GalesburgIL61401Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Martell, Shelby G.GalesburgMI49053-8709Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Raschke, Logan R.GeneseoIL61254Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Burke, John T.GenevaIL60134-6108Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Severson, Nicole M.GenevaIL60134Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Lyday, Emily A.GilbertsIL60136-8009Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Poulsen, AmandaGilleleje3250Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Honn, Dillon N.GilmanIL60938Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Garvey, Clayton D.GodfreyIL62035-2617Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Vemmer, Nathan A.Grand JunctionCO81501-4774Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Jackson, Jordan N.Granite CityIL62040-5272Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Sego, Morgan M.Green ValleyIL61534-9499Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Murphy, Jacob D.GreenupIL62428-3147Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Hughes, Jordyn C.GurneeIL60031Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Pikula, Emma M.GurneeIL60031Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory


Name City State Zip College Department
Carpenter, Siera L.Hanover ParkIL60133Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hickerson, Lori M.HartfordIL62048-1327Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Leman, Benjamin H.HighlandIL62249Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Smith, Miranda P.HighlandIL62249Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Steele, Taylor M.HighlandIN46322Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
West, Benjamin I.HomerIL61849-1326Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Aronson, Audrey J.HomewoodIL60430-3210Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Sladek, Olivia J.HuntleyIL60142-8213Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Khamisani, Noor Ul HaashHyderabad00009Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Wood, Lindsey A.IoniaMI48846-8435Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Jaenke, Kayla E.Iowa FallsIA50126-1149Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Horton, Grace E.IukaIL62849-1161Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Chappell, Kameron L.JacksonvilleIL62650Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Massey, Sarah L.JacksonvilleIL62650Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Ruettiger, Maria G.JolietIL60404-6656Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism


Name City State Zip College Department
Stanic, SofijaKalmar39244Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Woodbery, Harrison C.KellerTX76248Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy


Name City State Zip College Department
McPhedran, Makayla E.La SalleIL61301Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Wasserman, Jessica R.Lake in the HillsIL60156Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Szostakiewicz, Jagoda U.LakemoorIL60051-3226Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Amill, Maria R.LakewoodIL62438Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Mwalongo, Sihile P.LakewoodIL600143325Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Smith, Jakira D.LansingIL60438Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Wullenweber, Tayler L.LawrenceburgIN47025-9395Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Rex, Audrey N.LemontIL60439-6478Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Seiple, Alexandra M.LenaIL61048Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Scurlock, Cullen M.LexingtonIL61753Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Brask, Kimberly E.LindenhurstIL60046Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Dahlen, Kaylee C.LindenhurstIL60046-9516Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Gernady, Karleen L.LindenhurstIL60046Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Evans, Megan D.LitchfieldIL62056Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Parish, Josie E.LitchfieldIL62056Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Wisz, Autumn M.LockportIL60441Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Smith, Sidney L.LouisvilleIL62858-2016Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Jacobucci, Alyssa N.MantenoIL60950-3443Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Weishaar, Morgan A.MantenoIL60950-1542Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Berger, Zachary R.MarseillesIL61341Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Adams, Melanie M.MattoonIL61938-2137Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Brockman, Jaida S.MattoonIL61938-5911Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Carpenter, Nathan J.MattoonIL61938-9049Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Chumbley, Kristen M.MattoonIL61938-4172Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Gosnell, Kathrine M.MattoonIL61938-5620Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Hampton, Kaylee A.MattoonIL61938-2107Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hurt, Stephanie N.MattoonIL61938-2730Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Janes, Creed L.MattoonIL61938-2017Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Kaiser, Rachel A.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Levingston, Hunter E.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Orr, Ashley N.MattoonIL61938-3614Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Pruitt, David R.MattoonIL61938-5042Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Reeder, Danielle E.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Smith, Whitney S.MattoonIL61938Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Manning, Grant W.MetamoraIL61548-8586Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Morris, Faith D.MetcalfIL61940-1011Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Musser, Kalie N.MilfordIL60953Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Baltz, Conor L.MillstadtIL62260Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Tripod, Alyssa M.MinierIL61759-7547Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Flach, Courtney M.MontroseIL62445Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Fletcher, Cassie M.MontroseIL62445-1200Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Lower, Lucas M.MoweaquaIL62550Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Frank, Anders E.Mt HorebWI53572Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Jones, Whitney D.Mt VernonIL62864Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Acosta, Jocelyn Y.MundeleinIL60060-3088Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Aguilar, CarolineMundeleinIL60060-3072Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
DeVito, Maria T.MundeleinIL60060Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Codo, Mark D.NapervilleIL60565Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Ferrarelli, Katherine M.NapervilleIL60564Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Blazich, Jessica J.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Brown, Tachel N.NeogaIL62447-2720Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Hall, Cassandra J.NeogaIL62447-0884Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Herring, Brandi K.NeogaIL62447Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Goff, Eric R.New BadenIL62265-2205Liberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Austin, Morgan C.New LenoxIL60451Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Boomgarden, Samantha A.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Havens, James L.NormalIL61761-9555Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Havens, Madeline A.NormalIL61761Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Jordan, Maresa J.NormalIL61761-4782Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology


Name City State Zip College Department
Hicks, Elizabeth C.Oak LawnIL60453-2301Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
McBurney, Benjamin R.OaklandIL619435258Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Wood, Elizabeth H.OconeeIL62553-4124Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Brian, Kristen B.OlneyIL62450Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Melcom, Shane H.OlneyIL62450-5335Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Abalos, MarielleOnargaIL60955-1223Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Pool, Kyle J.OnargaIL60955-1344Liberal Arts & SciencesMathematics/Computer Sciences
Poole, Caleb W.Onarga IL60955Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Jones, Gillian D.OreanaIL62554-9780Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Eifrid, Matthew T.Orland ParkIL60462Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Murgas, Erin X.OswegoIL605437114Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Treadway, Michal J.OswegoIL60543-9145Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Carlson, Nathaniel H.PalatineIL60067Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Plesnicar, Madeline A.PalatineIL60074Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Fuller, Resa L.PalestineIL62451Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bradford, Timothy A.Palos HillsIL60465Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Urteaga Juangarcia, HenarPamplonaLiberal Arts & SciencesPhysics
Jones, Johnathan D.ParisIL61944Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Lau, Everett C.ParisIL61944-6077Liberal Arts & SciencesGeology/Geography
Smith, Katherine M.ParisIL61944-6106Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Tegeler, Amber D.ParisIL61944Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Slaria, SrishtiPATHANKOT145001Liberal Arts & SciencesEconomics
Dennis, Abigail E.PeoriaIL61604-2215Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Kmety, Cynthia E.PeotoneIL60468Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Ed, Brianne M.PetersburgIL62675Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Ed, Kristen M.PetersburgIL62675Liberal Arts & SciencesJournalism
Colter, Ashley M.PhiloIL61864Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Ricketts, Caitlyn J.PontiacIL61764-1752Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Dedmond, Alexis R.Poplar GroveIL61065-7843Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Milosch, Joseph J.PortlandOR97229-7184Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Boyd-Johnson, Jerimiah A.RiverdaleIL60827-1135Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Hose, Ethan J.RobinsonIL62454Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Martin, Shay N.RobinsonIL62454-2536Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Weston, Anakin M.RochelleIL61068-1359Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Ady, Samantha K.RockfordIL61108Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Page, Shaelyn R.RockfordIL61108Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Rocha, Joshua A.RockfordIL61109Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Gross, Ingrid A.Saint CharlesIL60175Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Durbin, Amanda J.Saint ElmoIL62458-1150Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Campbell, William D.Saint JosephIL61873Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Emmert, Abigail L.Saint JosephIL61873Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Stucker, Morgan N.Sainte MarieIL62459Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Gilbert, Samantha R.SandwichIL60548Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Baker, Ryan D.SavoyIL61874Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Barnes, Nicole A.SavoyIL61874Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Van Pelt, Austin P.SavoyIL61874-9421Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Mayer, Michael J.SchaumburgIL60193Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Jeon, MinseoSeongnam city13112Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Sauls, Hannah P.ShawneetownIL62984-0363Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Fuller-Svarz, Katelynn E.ShorewoodIL60404-9551Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Fuller-Svarz, Kaylee D.ShorewoodIL60404-9551Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
West, Grace M.SidneyIL61877-7621Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Will, Kaitlyn M.SigelIL62462-2100Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Cassiday, Rebekah S.Spring GroveIL60081-9231Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Shumard, Kaleb B.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Snyder, Elijah H.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Wiley, Torie H.SullivanIL61951Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Chang, Daphne T.Tainan City701Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Hulne, EmilyTinley ParkIL60477Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Ames, Lilly L.ToledoIL62428-3131Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Venatta, Jacob W.ToledoIL62468-1221Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Gratzl, Juliana C.TrentonIL62293Liberal Arts & SciencesSociology/Anthro/Criminology
Murphy, Erin M.TroyIL62294Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Talley, Joel C.TroyMO63379-4737Liberal Arts & SciencesChemistry and Biochemistry
Wertman, Olivia R.TroyIL62294-2478Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Boyd, Makenna E.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Chapman, Kelly J.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesPhilosophy
Hausmann, Jessie N.TuscolaIL61953Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish


Name City State Zip College Department
Herbert, Logan M.UrbanaIL61801-6761Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Oldham, Emily J.UrbanaIL61802-7031Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Reiter, Joseph D.UrbanaIL61802-2255Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Swedberg, Jinny M.UrbanaIL61801Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies


Name City State Zip College Department
Palau, VicencVilanova i la Geltr08800Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Soard, Brandi J.Villa GroveIL61956-1724Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Draegert, Megan E.WaucondaIL60084Liberal Arts & SciencesBiological Sciences
Blanchard, Paul A.WaukeganIL60087-5339Liberal Arts & SciencesForeign Languages
Globis, Mackenzie S.WaukeganIL60087-4914Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science
Lingad, Arnel G.WaukeganIL60085Liberal Arts & SciencesTheatre Arts
Rotramel, Hannah J.West SalemIL62476Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Evans, Jurnee J.WestfieldIL62474-1031Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Young, Wyatt A.WestfieldIL62474Liberal Arts & SciencesMusic
Bibbs, Kayla T.WheatonIL60189-2984Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Hochmuth, Caroline E.WheatonIL60189Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Arredondo, Leslie L.WheelingIL60090Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Eilers, Penny J.White HallIL62092-1232Liberal Arts & SciencesCommunication Studies
Osborne, Ethan C.Willow HillIL62480-2263Liberal Arts & SciencesHistory
Woolard, Paige K.WindsorIL61957-1438Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Wilkes, Hannah M.Wonder LakeIL60097Liberal Arts & SciencesEnglish
Mitchell, Haley D.Woodland HillsCA91303-5032Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology
Wright, Conrad M.WoodridgeIL60517Liberal Arts & SciencesPsychology


Name City State Zip College Department
Chae, Jae WookYoingin16904Liberal Arts & SciencesArt and Design
Fisher, Garrett J.YorkvilleIL60560-9646Liberal Arts & SciencesPolitical Science

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