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Brightspace Community by D2L is a new community site located at https://community.brightspace.com/.  

The new community site features: 

  • Technology designed and built for developing and supporting online communities. D2L delivers an integrated learning platform rich with engagement touch-points as the foundation for achieving our mission.
  • Community management and facilitation will ensure community members have points of contact and people to monitor and measure the health of the community as well as drive programmatic initiatives.
  • More resource creators, integrated systems, and how-to videos. They are communicating in a more authentic voice, serving their global and diverse membership with greater speed and frequency while providing the fodder and focus for engagement.
  • A dedicated Teaching & Learning Community, facilitated by Barbra Thoeming and Barry Dahl. Here you’ll find leading teaching and learning content contributions from the client community as well as an ongoing series of professional development initiatives and opportunities.

Some additional features include:

  • Hundreds of videos on how to use the Brightspace platform
  • Additional documentation, videos, help files, discussions, etc.
  • A Twitter channel to ask us how-to questions: @BrightspaceHelp
  • No login required to access most resources, participate in discussions, or provide feedback

You can join the Brightspace Community to sign up for notifications and create more opportunities for you to get involved in the community, and open up new channels of collaboration, contribution, and opportunity.

Join the Brightspace Community