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Top 5 Reasons to Intern


  1. Experience in the field will help you make better career choices.
    Is it really a good idea to buy a car without a test drive? Marry someone you've never met? This is your chance to explore careers in different fields or specific areas within your field. Why not try out some of those options that you've been considering? Then, when you've narrowed down your focus, work to build on your experiences in that area.
  2. Employers look for candidates with hands-on work experience.

    Interns develop career-related skills and demonstrate them to potential employers. Many skills are best learned on the job and even internships that are not directly related to your career provide you with opportunities to demonstrate your transferable skills, such as leadership, analytical thinking, communication and interpersonal skills. Employers want to know what you can do for them and they are especially interested when you have already done it for someone else.

  3. Real-word experience improves your academic work.
    Not only can you apply the theories that you learn in class to real experiences, but you can take those experiences back into the classroom. Your discussions, questions and papers will reflect your greater level of understanding and so will your grades.
  4. Professional contacts in the field can help you find future employment.
    If you want to know about where the opportunities are in the industry, the people you want to talk to are the ones already working in it. Interning gives you the perfect opportunity to make connections with professionals in your field and establish lasting relationships. People who know and like you are happy to pass alon tips about opportunities, share your information with their friends, and provide you with suggestions on how and where to look for employment once you graduate.
  5. Most employers hire successful interns first!
    Many employers use internships as extended interviews for full time employment. Some hire new graduates almost exclusively from their internship pool. What better way for them to get to know you and like your work than to try you out for 8-12 weeks? You have a definite advantage over an unknown resume submitter.

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