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EIU Career Services

Why should I attend? 

Should I go to the job fair?  I'm not graduating yet.  I heard my hometown school won't be there anyway...
Find out why you should go and what other students are saying!     


Freshmen & Sophomores: 

Do a little detective work.   
This is a chance to explore career options and ask questions...even if you haven't declared a major yet! 

Time is on your side.   
Learn how to make yourself marketable in the future.   Is your teaching option an area of critical need?  If not, should you be picking up extra endorsements to make yourself more marketable and stand out above the rest.   

That confidence factor! 
You have the opportunity to hear typical dialog between recruiters and students.  Gain confidence in speaking with recruiters early in your academic career.   Work on your communication skills and get comfortable carrying on a conversation with an employer.   It will make a huge difference during your junior and senior years.  

Broaden your horizons beyond your hometown. 
Learn more about school districts from across the country.   These school districts have traveled to EIU seeking some of the best teaching candidates in the Midwest! 

What Students are Saying -- 

"Great for 1st year education students!   Folks were very helpful and easy to talk to."         

"Nice way for students to meet with schools and learn their expectations.   Nicely organized and very helpful when wanting to browse schools for possible jobs." 

"Very good event.   I am more mentally prepared now for when I am ready."   



Working the room actually does work! 
This is a great learning experience and it gives you the opportunity to practice networking skills.   You will also have the chance to share with recruiters what you could offer in the future and learn what they might offer you!   Networking is critical in a job search.   Many employers remember students that attend every year.  

That confidence factor!
The more you attend, the more relaxed and confident you become in approaching and speaking with employers.   You will also have a better understanding of the event itself, so that when you reach your senior year--you'll be ready.  

A little practice goes a long way.  
Attending the job fair is good practice for refining your interview skills.     


What Students are Saying -- 

"Very useful and informative for future experiences."  

"Wonderful opportunity- not only for jobs, but also for practicing interviews."   



Let all of your hard work pay off. 
You've gone to class, learned to lead the class, developed lesson plans and incorporated a classroom management plan.   Why not let all of your hard work pay off!   Take advantage of this excellent opportunity.   Employers are coming here to see YOU!    

Go shopping (preferably beyond your hometown). 
This is your chance to begin "shopping" for school districts.   A successful job search, especially in education, takes a lot of time.   Therefore, it is very important to start the job-hunting process early.   

Making that initial contact is crucial in a job search.   
Meet with employers face-to-face at the job fair.   Take advantage of the opportunity to meet with dozens of employers, all in one day.   Excellent way to network!   

Applying online just isn't enough.   
Although many employers require you to apply online, they have screening methods in place for those applicants.   The employer "flags" the applications of candidates they have met at the job fair and those are the applications they will pull for further review and possible interviews.   


What Students are Saying --   

"Many new districts caught my eye because of today!" 

"Was introduced to many people I hadn't really thought of talking to." 

"I thought it was a great opportunity to get my name out there and also meet with some of the districts I had previously sent information to." 

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