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Tuesday, 20 April, 2021
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    With the 1890s discovery of black crude beneath the rich soil in northwestern Clark County, a small community grew where the train serviced the oil producers.  The town became known as Oilfield.  As a school, stores and a hotel were built, Oilfield became a place to go.  You will learn some Illinois history by a 1930s storekeeper, as you enjoy lunch and homemade pie.

    Lunch available for purchase.

    Register by 4/19/2021

    Instructor:  Martha Menser

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Thursday, 22 April, 2021
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    In this Earth Day workshop participants will examine how personal lifestyle choices and societal services affect global resource use.  After Calculating our "ecological footprints" using the Global Footprint Network model, we will explore strategies for personally reducing waste at home, increasing the sustainability of our purchasing habits, and rethinking the way we look at resource use.  We can all take steps towards the same goal:  reduce, reuse, recycle, and rethink.

    Instructor:  Lauren Spaniol

    Register by:  4/20/2021

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    Others can assist us, but we must find the path to self-knowledge ourselves, with art, poetry, memoir, music and nature as our guides.  In this discussion/workshop, we will look at the way Harjo weaves dreams, poems, and visions from her American Indian past into a narrative that reveals both the incredible sadness and the powerful beauty of her life.  After discussing what makes Harjo's poetry as well as her memoir so remarkable, participants will free-write on a childhood memory and then will experiment with adding poetry, dreams, song lyrics, etc. in order to enrich their memoir.  Sponsored by Coles County Arts Council.

    Instructors:  Charlotte England, PhD & Daiva Markelis, PhD

    Virtual link will be available on the Academy webpage:  https://www.eiu.edu/adulted/all.php

    Tags: Academy of Lifelong Learning | Alumni | Community | Current Students | Prospective Students | Workshop/Webinar
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