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Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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    This course will review the history of race in our country, offer opportunities for learners to delve into self identity and grow more competent in understanding how their identity has been shaped, how it impacts their perceptions of others, and others’ perceptions of them.  It will focus on what it means to realize race is operative and respond through the lenses of race implicitly. It will deconstruct what it means to be racist.  It will explore the reality of institutional/structural racism. It will supply strategies for developing a healthy space for intercultural and interracial involvement where authentic voices can be heard and empathy can be evoked. It will be a course steeped in developing and sustaining empathetic and engaging interaction with those who may seem different because of our socialization expectations. You will learn greater levels of cultural literacy and higher agency and efficacy through clear, confident cross racial dialogue and engagement to support strong relationships and a “more perfect union”. All three session recommended but not required.  

    Register here https://tinyurl.com/Academy-Spring-2021 or call 581-5114.

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