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Thursday, 14 November, 2019
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    Join us for a ride in Eastern's "Wayback" machine. Fifty years ago, Professor of Botany Dr. Hiram Thut gave an illustrated talk entitled “EIU; Then and Now” to students in Pemberton Hall. The archived slides (now digitized) and an audio recording of a 1973 version of that lecture are the basis of this look back at Eastern from its 1899 campus plans through 1969 and today. Retired EIU faculty members Mac Corley, David Maurer, and Terry Weidner will offer commentary during the presentation.  

    Offered through the Academy of Lifelong Learning; free and open to the public.  Registration requested by 11/12/19 at 581-5114.

    Tags: Academy of Lifelong Learning | Alumni | Community | Current Students | Faculty | Lectures/Seminars
Friday, 15 November, 2019
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    Speaker: Richard Koss (EIU)

    Title: Descent Approaches to Finding Roots

    Abstract: We will discuss two descent methods of finding zeros for a function of a complex variable.The topics we discuss will include a way to visually observe the zeros of these functions, two algorithms to acquire these zeros (one of which extends to several complex variables), and a brief history of how these things came about. There will be examples and live demonstrations of the algorithms to illustrate all of these things, and they will be discussed in a manner that should be accessible to anyone. Therefore, the only prerequisite is a desire to see something interesting. This talk will present some of the findings based on joint work with Chad Kelterborn (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), Marcin Mazur (Binghamton University), and Bogdan Petrenko (EIU).

    Location: Old Main 2210

    Tags: Alumni | Community | Current Students | Faculty | Lectures/Seminars | Mathematics and Computer Science | Prospective Students
Thursday, 21 November, 2019
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    Here is a new spin on an old practice. Come to this session to learn about the role of a doula for you and your family at the end of life. Learn how they are trained, how they can be of assistance and how to obtain one. This is another way to inform yourself as to the options available to you for peace and comfort at the end of life.

    Offered through the Academy of Lifelong Learning; taught by Sheila Greuel, former EIU faculty.  Free and open to the public - registration requested by 11/20 at 581-5114.

    Tags: Academy of Lifelong Learning | Alumni | Community | Faculty | Lectures/Seminars | Workshop/Webinar
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