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EIU BSB in Business Administration

B.S.B in Business Administration: Prepare for Admission to EIU

To start the B.S.B. in Business Administration program you should:

  • Complete all required lower division General Education and Business courses.
  • Apply and be admitted to Eastern Illinois University.

Lower Division Requirements

An Associate (AA or AS) degree in Business Administration from an Illinois Community College is the easiest way to transfer to EIU with the lower division requirements complete. However, if you have not earned one of these degrees, please review the lower division requirements below that must be completed or in-progress prior to applying to the Business Administration program at EIU.

General Education

Humanities and Fine Arts

  • 3 hours PHI 1900G – Logical and Critical Reasoning* (Course will also count in major)
  • 3 hours general education Fine Arts course
  • 3 hours general education Fine Arts OR Humanities course


  • 3 hours MAT 2120G – Finite Mathematics (Course will also count in major)

Scientific Awareness

  • 7 hours total – must include 1 course in general education Biological Sciences and 1 course in general education Physical Sciences. At least one course, must include a lab.

Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • ECN 2801G – Principles of Macroeconomics (Course will also count in major)
  • ECN 2802G – Principles of Microeconomics (Course will also count in major)
  • 3 hours general education Social and Behavioral Sciences course (May not be an Economics course)

Cultural Diversity

  • One course approved to meet the Cultural Diversity requirement (Course may also count toward another area of the general education)

University Language Requirement

  • ENG 1001G – College Composition I*
  • ENG 1002G – College Composition II*
  • CMN 1310G – Introduction to Speech Communication*

Foreign Language Requirement

  • Complete second level of a foreign language (1102 level) – Students may be exempt if two full years of a single foreign language were completed in high school with an average grade of “C” or better.

Business Requirements

Lower Division Business Courses

  • BUS 1950 – Computer Concepts and Applications for Business*
  • BUS 2101 – Financial Accounting*
  • BUS 2102 – Managerial Accounting*
  • BUS 2750 – Legal and Social Environment of Business*
  • BUS 2810 – Business Statistics*

*A Grade of C or better is required.

Students who attend other Illinois colleges should complete courses approved as equivalent to the courses listed above.

Application to Eastern Illinois University

You may start your application for admission to EIU at:

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