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Lincoln: The Constitution and the Civil War

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Sept. 4-Oct. 16, 2015
Lincoln Exhibit

A Civil War Chronology

This exhibit uses illustrations and a timeline to examine the political, military and social aspects of the Civil War, including the origins of the conflict as well as the Reconstruction Era. Curator: Bradley Tolppanen

The Words of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln delivered many famous speeches and has been called by historians the “eloquent president.” This poster displays excerpts from Lincoln’s most noteworthy addresses, including the “House Divided” speech and the Second Inaugural. Curator: Bradley Tolppanen

Portraits of Abraham Lincoln

A collection of eight photographic portraits of Abraham Lincoln will be displayed, from the earliest-known photograph of him probably taken in 1846 in Springfield, IL, to the last photograph taken on March 6, 1865, in Washington, D.C. Curator: Bradley Tolppanen

Ford’s Theatre

Ford’s Theatre has been known for more than 150 years as the site of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. This exhibit will document the history of the building itself, provide a look at popular stage and musical theater of the Civil War era, and provide a look at some of the people (actors, patrons and others) who were at the theater on that fateful April night in 1865. Curator: David Bell

The Many Faces of Lincoln

Photographs played an important part in Lincoln’s presidential campaign and presidency. In a time without television, photographs were often the first visual introduction people received to the president. Advances in the printmaking industry at this time also spurred the popularity of Lincoln images. In this exhibit, photographs from various points of Lincoln’s presidency are presented, as well as the accompanying stories of these images that helped them become a part of Lincoln iconography. Curator: Alyson Vaaler

Constitution of the United States

This exhibit provides images of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and first three amendments to the Constitution, along with a transcription of the text. Curator: Bradley Tolppanen

Charleston Riot of 1864: The Civil War Comes to Town

This exhibit depicts the events of March 28, 1864, when a group of Southern sympathizers clashed on Charleston’s courthouse square with a contingent of Union soldiers at home on leave. Curator: Robert Hillman

Coles County Soldiers in the Illinois Regiments

This exhibit provides information on the service of the more than 2,000 soldiers from Coles County that served in the Illinois regiments during the Civil War. Curator: Bradley Tolppanen

Abraham Lincoln and Coles County

Although he never lived in the county, Abraham Lincoln visited Coles County more than 30 times between 1831 and 1861. He came to the county to visit his parents, practice law, and in 1858 to debate his rival Stephen Douglas. Lincoln’s close relationship with Coles County is explained in this exhibit. Curator: Bradley Tolppanen

Lincoln and the Civil War in Fiction

Experience the political turmoil, wartime atmosphere, and transformative cultural changes of the American Civil War years by reading fiction set during this time. Topics include slavery and emancipation, Civil War battles, daily life in the 1860s, and biographical fiction on President Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln, among others. All books in this exhibit are available for checkout. Curator: Sarah Johnson

Cartoon Politics

Through an exploration of the exhibit themes as portrayed in editorial cartoons of the period, Cartoon Politics addresses the roles of visual representation and humor in communicating political commentary to an audience at-large. Curator: Ellen Corrigan


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