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EIU Department of Biology

Faculty and Staff Listing

Dr. Anabela Maia, Assistant Professor

Office: 1013 - Life Science
Phone: 217-581-6360
Office hours: Tuesday Thursday 2-3 pm

Course Days &Time Location
 BIO 2210-005 LAB  M 11:00-1:50 PM  LFSB 1011/3080
 BIO 2210-005  M W F 11:00-11:50 am  LFSB 3011 
 BIO 2210-007,8  T R 3:00-4:15 pm  LFSB 2080
BIO 2210-007 LAB M 5:00-7:50 pm LFSB 1011/3081
BIO 2210-008 LAB T 5:00-7:50 pm  LFSB 1011/3081

Frequently Taught Courses

I am currently teaching Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 2210).

I also teach Anatomy and Physiology II (BIO 2220), Functional Comparative Anatomy (BIO3620) and Vertebrate Natural History (BIO 3950)

Professional Organizations

Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB)
Society of Experimental Biology (SEB)
International Society of Vertebrate Morphology (ISVM)
American Society of Biomechanics (ASB)
American Elasmobranch Society (AES)
Portuguese-American Post-Graduate Society (PAPS)
Sigma Xi


My main research interest focuses on functional and ecological morphology. I have chosen to work with locomotion, concentrating on the aquatic realm. I use functional morphology to elucidate the evolution of locomotion mechanics. I am particularly interested in the role of fins and other control surfaces during unsteady locomotion. I employ techniques that enable three dimensional conformation analyses of fins and fluid dynamics. In addition, I am also interested in the physiology and function of the musculoskeletal system and in material properties of fish appendages.

Selected Publications

Gerth, CJ & A Maia. Shape analysis of the jaws between two minnow species over ontogeny. Journal of Morphology, in press.
Maia, A, GV Lauder & CD Wilga Hydrodynamic function of dorsal fins in spiny dogfish and bamboo sharks during steady swimming. Journal of Experimental Biology, under revision.

Maia, A & CD Wilga. 2016. Three-dimensional kinematics of the dorsal fins in spiny dogfish during steady swimming. Journal of Zoology, 298 (2): 139-149, DOI: 10.1111/jzo.12300

Maia, A, A Sheltzer, ED Tytell. 2015. Streamwise vortices destabilize swimming bluegill sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus). Journal of Experimental Biology 218, 786-792.

Vinagre, C, A Maia, R Amara & HN Cabral. 2014. Anomalous otoliths in juveniles of common sole, Solea solea, and Senegal sole, Solea senegalensis, Marine Biology Research, 10:5, 523-529, DOI: 10.1080/17451000.2013.831178

Maia, A& CD Wilga (2013). Function of dorsal fins in bamboo shark during steady swimming. Zoology, 116: 224-231.

Maia, A& CA Wilga (2013). Comparative anatomy and dorsal fin muscle activity during turning maneuvers in two shark species. Journal of Morphology. 10.1002/jmor.20179.

Vinagre, C, A Maia, R Amara, HN Cabral (2013). Spawning period of Senegal sole, Solea senegalensis, based on juvenile otolith microstructure. Journal of Sea Research 76: 89–93.

Wilga, CD, A Maia, S Nauwelaerts & GV Lauder (2012). Prey Handling Using Whole Body Fluid Dynamics in Batoids. Zoology 115: 47-57.

Maia, A, CD Wilga & GV Lauder (2012). Biomechanics of Locomotion in Sharks, Rays and Chimeras (Chapter) in Biology of Sharks and their Relatives, Vol I, 2nd Edition, CRC Press, 633pp.

Vasconcelos, RP, P Reis-Santos, A Maia, M Ruano, MJ Costa & HN Cabral. 2011. Trace metals (Cu, Zn, Cd and Pb) in juvenile fish from estuarine nurseries along the Portuguese coast. Scientia Marina 75(1): 155-162.

Vasconcelos, RP, P Reis-Santos, A Maia, V Fonseca, S França, N Wouters, MJ Costa & HN Cabral. 2010. Nursery use patterns of commercially important marine fish species in estuarine systems along the Portuguese coast. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 86: 613-624.

Baeta, F, MI Batista, A Maia, MJ Costa & H Cabral. 2010. Elasmobranch bycatch in a trammel net fishery in the Portuguese west coast. Fisheries Research, 102: 123–129.

Vinagre, C,A Maia, P Reis-Santos, MJ Costa & HN Cabral (2009). Small-scale distribution of Solea solea and Solea senegalensis juveniles in the Tagus estuary (Portugal). Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 81: 296-300.

Maia, A,C Vinagre & HN Cabral. 2009. Impact of a predator in the foraging behaviour of Solea senegalensis, Journal of the Marine Biological Association, U. K., 89: 645–649.

Vinagre, C, V Fonseca,A Maia, R Amara & H Cabral. 2008. Habitat specific growth rates and condition indices for the sympatric solesSolea solea (Linnaeus, 1758) andSolea senegalensis Kaup 1858, in the Tagus estuary, Portugal, based on otolith daily increments and RNA-DNA ratio.Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 24: 163–169.

Vasconcelos, RP, P Reis-Santos, S Tanner, A Maia, C Christopher Latkoczy, D Gunther, MJ Costa & H Cabral. 2008. Evidence of estuarine nursery origin of five coastal fish species along the Portuguese coast through otolith elemental fingerprints. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 79: 317-327.

Cabral, HN, R Vasconcelos, C Vinagre, S França, V Fonseca, A Maia, P Reis-Santos, M Lopes, M Ruano, J Campos, V Freitas, P Santos & MJ Costa. 2007. Relative importance of estuarine flatfish nurseries along the Portuguese coast. Journal of Sea Research 57: 209–217.

Maia, A, N Queiroz, HN Cabral, AM Santos & JP Correia. 2007. Reproductive biology and population dynamics of the shortfin mako, Isurus oxyrinchus Rafinesque in the eastern North Atlantic. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 23: 246–251.

Vasconcelos, RP, P Reis-Santos, V Fonseca, A Maia, M Ruano, S França, C Vinagre, MJ Costa & H Cabral. 2007. Assessing anthropogenic pressures on estuarine fish nurseries along the Portuguese coast: a multi-metric index and conceptual approach.Science of the Total Environment, 374: 199–215.

Vinagre, C, A Maia & HN Cabral. 2007. Comparison of gastric evacuation in the sympatric juvenile soles Solea senegalensis and S. solea: influence of temperature and salinity. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 23: 240–245.

Maia, A, N Queiroz, JP Correia & HN Cabral. 2006. Food habits of the shortfin mako, Isurus oxyrinchus, off the southwest coast of Portugal. Environmental Biology of Fishes 77: 157–167.

Queiroz, N, FP Lima,A Maia, PA Ribeiro, JP Correia & AM Santos. 2005. Movement of blue shark, Prionace glauca, in the north-east Atlantic based on mark–recapture data. Journal of the Marine Biological Association, U. K.85: 1107-1112.

Selected Conference Presentations

(recent 2015-2017)

Karki NP, Colombo RE, Gaines K, and Maia A. Effects of 17β estradiol in the metabolism of Sunfish species. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2017.
Caudle, LD andMaia A. Murky Waters: Effects of Turbidity on the Vision and Behavior of Longear Sunfish Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2017.
Maia, A, Parrish, A, Hammock, K and Favata, CA. Median fin function, morphology and development in basal bony fishes Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 2017.
Favata CA, Colombo RE, and Maia A. Managing structural rehabilitation: Ecological monitoring and factors driving community structure in a restored stream. Symposium presentation, American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO, August 2016.
Favata CA, Colombo RE, Roseboom DR, Straub TD, and Maia A. Ecomorphology and swimming energetics of longear sunfish Lepomis megalotis in turbulent flow. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, January 2016.
Maia A, B Probst, A Foster, JD Reeves. Function of the spiny dorsal fin of bluegill sunfish in turbulent conditions. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting, Portland, OR, January 2016.
Favata CA, RE Colombo, DR Roseboom, TD Straub, and A Maia. Ecomorphology of fish assemblages in an East-Central Illinois stream. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, August 2015.
Gerth, C and A Maia. Morphometrics of oral and pharyngeal jaws in two minnow species (Cyprinidae). International Congress of Cranio-Cervical Morphology, July 2015.
Maia, A, B Probst, A Foster, J Reeves. Function of the spiny dorsal fin of bluegill sunfish. Society of Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, July 2015.
Gerth, CJ and A Maia Shape Analysis of the Jaws in Two Minnow Species over Ontogeny. Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting, January 2015.
Maia, A, Eaton, M, Probst, B & Elmuti, S Form and Function of the Spiny Dorsal Fin in Sunfishes, Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) Annual Meeting, January 2015.

Funding & Grants

Illinois State of Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - “Monitoring of Kickapoo Creek near Charleston”, in collaboration with Dr. Robert Colombo. 2014 – 2016, $141,000
Illinois Water Resources Center - “Effects of structural rehabilitation on nutrient retention and uptake, community assemblages, and functional morphology of biotic communities in a small Midwestern stream”, (co-PI - graduate student Carl Favata) 2015 – 2016, $9,990.
President’s Fund for Research and Creative Activity, Eastern Illinois University - “Evolution of Median Fins in Primitive Actinopterygii” 2015 - 2016, $18,900.
Redden Grants, Eastern Illinois University, 2014-2017, $6,000.
Faculty Development Support Grant Eastern Illinois University, 2015, $500.
American Philosophical Society, Franklin Research Grant, 2013, $6,000.
Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship, Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek – Vlaanderen 2011-2012, $28,900 (for post-doctoral position at U. Ghent)
Doctoral Grants, Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation, 2007-2011, $158,300 
Graduate Research Grants, University of Rhode Island Office of the Provost, 2006-2010, $2250.
Scholarship to pursue an internship at Mote Marine Laboratory Sarasota, FL, FLAD (Luso-American Foundation) & IMAR (Sea Institute), Jan-Mar 2006, $4,300.

Awards and Honors:
Fulbright Scholarship for pursuing a PhD at the University of Rhode Island 2006-2011 ($22,000).
University of Rhode Island Award for Best Dissertation in STEM Areas, 2011 ($1000).
University of Rhode Island Graduate Student Fellowship, 2010-2011 academic year ($40,000).
Graduate Student Award for Teaching Excellence in the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Rhode Island, 2008.
Merit Scholarship, School of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and Portuguese Bank “Banco Espírito Santo” to the best graduating students, 2003-2004 ($600).
Merit Scholarship, University of Lisbon to the student with the best grade average in each Department (Animal Biology) 2001-2002 ($1750) and 2002-2003 ($1750).


Podcast on how fish swim geared towards K-7
Organizer, Eastern Illinois University Homecoming Activity Fishing in the Pond, Fall 2013.
Facilitator, Eastern Illinois University Reads Program Fall 2013 and Fall 2014.
Coach, Jefferson Elementary School, Charleston, IL - Afterschool Robotics Program 2014-Pres.
University of Rhode Island Shark Week Google Hangout, August 2013,
Paul Cuffee Charter School (PCCS), Providence, RI - visits to URI (test fish models in the flow tank), Cod Dissection Day, Shark and Skate Dissection Day.  2008-2011
Organizing Committee, Regional Meeting of the Division of Vertebrate Morphology of SICB, 2007.
Public Lecturer, “Workshop of Sharks and Skates research in Portugal”, Lisbon, October 2005 and 2006.
Press Coverage of Research:
Research featured on Daily Planet, Discovery Channel Canada,

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Dept. of Biological Sciences

Life Sciences Building - 2070 600 Lincoln Avenue Charleston, IL 61920
Fax: 217-581-7141

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