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Alumni by Decade


Dave Stewart December 1982 Infantry

Jack Rieff December 1982 Armor

John Wiley May 1982 Signal

Timothy Dunne May 1982 MI 

Patrick David December 1982 Transportation

Jeffery Johnson May 1982 Transportation

Elaine Pike May 1982 AG 

Damon Walsh January 1983 Infantry

William Mulvaney May 1983 Infantry

Kevin Smith May 1983 Infantry

Robert Sinkler May 1983 Engineers

Greg Herdes May 1983 MP

Clayton Branch May 1983 Chemical

Steve Parro December 1983 FA 

Timothy Kennedy May 1983 Signal

Ken Pope May 1983 Signal

Ramona Taggart May 1983 Signal

Tim Kearns May 1983 MI

Doug Harlen May 1983 Quartermaster

Allen Cupp May 1984 FA

Doug Dhom May 1984 Infantry

Jim Robb May 1984 Infantry

Alvin Moore May 1984 Infantry

Joe Call May 1984 Infantry

Fletcher Crews May 1984 Infantry

Michael Skinner May 1984 Infantry

Johnathan Soskin May 1984 Infantry

Marcus Coleman May 1984 Infantry

Stephen Weeldreyer July 1984 Infantry

Greg Combs May 1984 Chemical

Donald Coleman May 1984 FA

Kristen Nicholson May 1984 Signal

Michael Bernaur May 1984 MI

Dan Zicarelli May 1984 MI

Fred Noe July 1984 MI

Nick Balderas May 1984 Transportation

John Umptor December 1984 Transportation

 Michael Anderson May 1984 Ordinance

Tammy Bampus May 1984 Ordinance

Susan Ellison May 1984 Ordinance

Scott Martis May 1984 Ordinance

Donna Parker July 1984 AG

Raymond Nagel May 1984 MS 

Susanne Torres July 1984 MS

Robert Wells May 1985 Infantry

Brent Shapiro May 1985 Infantry

David Stenzel May 1985 Infantry

Richard Champley May 1985 Infantry

Todd Woerner May 1985 Infantry

Robert Lee May 1985 Infantry

William Cowley December 1985 Infantry

James Sullivan May 1985 Aviation

Daniel Porter May 1985 Aviation

Stephen Herring May 1985 Aviation

Nathel Williams May 1985 Engineers

Joseph Fortner May 1985 MP

Eric Shelly May 1985 Chemical

Karl Schelly July 1985 Chemical

Gregory Lanman May 1985 FA

Peter Milligan May 1985 FA

Everett Tackett May 1985 FA

Robert Utler May 1985 FA

Nelson Newton May 1985 ADA 

Clayton Ahfield May 1985 Signal

Leonard Huff May 1985 Signal

Rebecca Shafer May 1985 Quartermaster

Carolyn Hert May 1985 Ordinance

Timothy Ingram May 1985 Ordinance

Mark Lynch May 1986 ADA

Douglas Dexter May 1986 Infantry

Steven Sharp May 1986 Infantry

Douglas Quivey May 1986 Infantry

Timothy Hodge December 1986 Infantry

Timothy Ciesielski January 1986 Armor

Michael Van Voorhis May 1986 Armor

Richard Reinke May 1986 Aviation

Robert Pranger May 1986 Aviation

Bernard Reinwald May 1986 Aviation

Alexander C. Finley May 1986 Chemical

Scott D. Kimmell May 1986 Chemical

Glenn B. Babicki May 1986 FA

Brenda L. Hickery May 1986 FA

Garret Johnson May 1986 FA

John B. Cisney May 1986 FA

Paul Lee May 1986 FA

Thomas Butler July 1986 FA

Orlando Taylor May 1986 Signal

John Cesar Mat 1986 Signal

Tyler McGlasson May 1986 MI

Bradley Sinkler May 1986 Transportation

Teresa Wolf May 1986 Quartermaster

Dan Reilly May 1986 Ordinance

Steven Wiegers May 1986 Ordinance

John Lee May 1986 Finance

Charlette Clark January 1986 AG

Perry Ditore May 1987 AG

Robert Haycock May 1987 Infantry

Edgar Hannaman May 1987 Engineers

James Podesva Mat 1987 MP

Charles Watkins May 1987 FA

Michael Atlas May 1987 FA

Joya Fulks May 1987 Signal

Teresa Moran May 1987 MI

Lettie Walton May 1987 Quartermaster

Steve Young May 1988 Armor

William Hibner May 1988 Chemical

Eric Niksch May 1988 Engineers

Scott Becker May 1988 FA

Scott Wiegers May 1988 Signal

Michelle Long May 1988 MI

Reid Webber May 1988 Quartermaster

Carla Booth May 1988 AG

Melissa Boehm May 1989 AG

Timothy Feldman May 1989 Infantry

Daniel Perry May 1989 Infantry

Wesley Winters May 1989 Infantry

William Wallace May 1989 Armor

Arnold Crum May 1989 Aviation

John Becker May 1989 Aviation

Lee Leathers May 1989 Engineers

Elizabeth Boyles May 1989 Signal

John Proctor May 1989 Signal

Janice Sharkey May 1989 Signal

Thomas Green May 1989 MI




Thomas E. Bayer May 1990 Infantry

Bradley D. Bretsch May 1990 Infantry

John Conley May 1990 Infantry

Karl Smith May 1990 Infantry

Stephen Phelps December 1990 Infantry

David Short May 1990 Aviation

Kevin Wesolowski May 1990 Aviation

David McKinney May 1990 MP

Daniel B. Plech December 1990 MP

William J. Ady May 1990 Chemical 

Ellen Eschelbach May 1990 ADA

Joanne Bousky May 1990 Signal

Karen Morrison May 1990 Signal

Ralph Stewart May 1990 Quartermaster

William Thomas May 1990 AG

Everett Gregory May 1990 MS

Steve Richards May 1990 MS

Brent Nehls May 1991 MS

Evan Mahan August 1991 Infantry

Charles Pedigo March 1991 Infantry

Thomas Puch December 1991 Infantry

Mark Blanek August 1991 Armor

David Muehlenbein December 1991 Armor

Charles Baumgartner December 1991 Engineers

Lori Strode May 1991 MP

Leighton Shell August 1991 FA

Kurt Hammond May 1991 Signal

Catherine Deitelhoff December 1991 Transportation

Angela Shaffer May 1992 Finance

Richard D. Baer May 1992 Infantry

Anthony Haycock December 1992 Infantry

Aaron Cook December 1992 Armor

Steven Evans August 1992 Armor

David Doisier May 1992 Aviation

Stacey L. Milton September 1992 Chemical

Eric Leber September 1992 AG

Darrell Duzan December 1992 Transportation

Bruce Gannaway December 1992 Transportation

Kevin Norris May 1992 Transportation

Rachele Menkhaus May 1992 MS

James Crawford May 1993 Infantry

Martin Mooney December 1993 Armor

Michael Daniels May 1993 Armor

Brian Jacobs December 1993 MP

Scott Flannery August 1993 FA

Christopher Pyle May 1993 Signal

Daniel Dudzinski June 1993 Signal

Daniel Byer July 1993 Signal

John Goveia May 1993 MI

Carolyn Thompson May 1993 MS

Christopher Fowler May 1993 MS

Stephen Sheridan December 1993 MS

Kurt Goodwin May 1993 Quartermaster

Jacob Tobin December 1993 Ordinance

Angela Pinnick May 1993 AG

Michael Scuteri May 1993 AG

Garry Lee Wolf II May 1994 Infantry

Eric T. Kampwerth August 1994 Infantry

Daniel E. Greul December 1994 Infantry

Mark Lear August 1994 Armor

Eric Heinz August 1994 Armor

Stephen Carmada May 1994 MP

Thomas Williamson May 1994 FA

Douglas Wesner August 1994 Signal

Eddie Perry May 1994 MI

Timothy Denby December 1994 MI

Scott Vanzee May 1994 Transportation

Lakye Franklin May 1994 Quartermaster

Michael Bruens May 1994 Ordinance

Daniel Bellair May 1994 AG

Christophe Marin May 1994 MS

David Seed August 1994 MS

Nancy Williams August 1995 AG

John J. Bowker May 1995 Infantry

Martin E. Tully May 1995 Infantry

Joshua D. Wright August 1995 Infantry

Donald Hausser May 1995 Armor

Darren White August 1995 MP

David Gadberry August 1995 FA

Kelly Evans May 1995 Signal

James McCarty May 1995 Ordinance

Jarrod Shields May 1995 Ordinance

Joseph A. Lee December 1995 Ordinance

Michael Taylor May 1996 Armor

David Musser May 1996 Infantry

Marc Sullivan August 1996 Infantry

Thomas Hough August 1996 Infantry

Mathew McMillen December 1996 Armor

Curt Kuetemyer August 1996 Armor

Ronald Watkins December 1996 Armor

Thomas Ridalfo May 1996 Aviation

Kevin Sisk May 1996 MP

Jerimiah Aescelman August 1996 FA

Andrew Pfister May 1996 MI

Dawn Hayman May 1996 Transportation

Safiyya Gayton August 1997 Ordinance

John Snyder May 1997 Infantry

Mathew Mattson December 1997 Infantry

Patrick Scanian May 1997 Armor

Todd Baughman August 1997 Armor

John Sacia May 1997 Aviation

Jason Anderson December 1997 Chemical

Kyle Hurwitz August 1997 FA

Khristoper Scarcliff August 1997 ADA

David Moxley December 1997 ADA

Susan Shredder August 1997 Signal

Maurice Griffithe May 1997 MI

Meghan McManus August 1997 MI

Trang Nyguyen December 1997 MS

 Jerry Putt May 1998 MP

Timothy Draves May 1998 FA

Michael Clark May 1998 ADA

Leon Rogers August 1999 Armor

James Desmond December 1999 Armor

James Wolf May 1999 Armor

Andrew Pannier August 1999 Engineers

Joseph Finnegan December 1999 MP

Karla Porch August 1999 Signal

Julie Marcol May 1999 Transportation 



Christopher Crawford December 2000 Infantry

Brock Zimmerman May 2000 Armor

James Miller December 2000 Armor

Douglas Miecko December 2000 Armor

Richard Schildman August 2000 Aviation

Steven Rush May 2000 ADA

Michael Elter December 2000 Quartermaster

Laura Wood August 2000 AG

Kara Escajeda August 2000 MS

Gary Kelly December 2001 Armor

Jeffery Zedrick May 2001 Quartermaster

Steven E. Huber August 2001 Ordinance

William R. Peterson May 2002 FA

Sara Shipley August 2002 Quartermaster

Angela Chard August 2002 AG

Aesha Rivers May 2004 Quartermaster

Brenda Jost December 2004 ADA

Anthony Fennell May 2004 Infantry

Ryan Purdy May 2004 Infantry

Thomas Kaminski May 2004 Armor

Joseph Rousey May 2004 Armor

Kelly Slagle May 2004 Aviation

Mathew Custer May 2004 Engineers

Lindsey Ribbe September 2004 Engineers

Jessica Hanner May 2004 Chemical

Jason Schlueter May 2004 Chemical

James Ashworth May 2004 FA

Jenna Roark May 2004 Signal

Lynnea Jenson May 2004 Signal

Jason Ward May 2004 Signal

Jamie Conley May 2004 Transportation

Cathy Miczarksi December 2004 Ordinance

Cathy Miczarksi December 2004 Ordinance

Stephanie Livesy May 2004 AG

Nichole Constabile May 2004 MS

Rebecca Kowalski May 2004 MS

Michelle Whitlock May 2005 MS

Brian Sbertoli May 2005 Infantry

Thad Wescott September 2005 Infantry

Joshua Stroot April 2005 Engineers

Dana Cook May 2005 Engineers

Marcus Kennedy February 2005 MP

Ryan Bosick March 2006 Infantry

Jared Southworth May 2006 Infantry

Ryan McCarty December 2006 Aviation

John Schoenfeld December 2006 Aviation

John Pollard May 2006 Aviation

Colleen Schoenfeld December 2006 Aviation

Todd Fatka January 2006 Engineers

Kerry Cook January 2006 Chemical

Stephanie Lewis May 2006 Signal

Michael Kowalski June 2006 Signal

Ashley Coleman December 2006 MI

Douglas Anderson March 2006 Quartermaster

Nicholas Seiner January 2006 Quartermaster

Lauren Osinski May 2007 MS

Scott Smith December 2007 Engineers

Christopher Gensier December 2007 Engineers

Adam Bowen May 2007 Chemical

Zachary Storm August 2007 Chemical

Wayne Baker May 2007 FA

Jason Smith May 2007 Signal

Jenna Tabor May 2007 Transportation

Lindsey Leskanich May 2007 Nurse

Caleb Crouch May 2007 Ordinance

Nhilven DeChavez May 2008 MS

John Kennedy August 2008 Infantry

Shane Westen August 2008 Infantry

John Maguire December 2008 Infantry

Jacob Niewold May 2008 Engineers

Jerimiah Nichols August 2008 Engineers

Timothy Andries August 2008 Chemical

Margaret Moseley May 2008 MI

Jason Rennier December 2008 Quartermaster

Lloyd Lozada May 2008 Nurse

Timothy Lindeman May 2009 Infantry

Cyrus Tribby December 2009 Armor

Brian Andries May 2009 Engineers

Brianne Lanthrip August 2009 MP 

Efren Catalla May 2009 FA

Jonathon Gosa December 2009 FA

Clay Webster May 2009 Transportation

Jamie Alexander May 2009 Quartermaster

Theodore Nemecz December 2009 Ordinance




Lance Spear August 2010 MP

Alanna Casey May 2010 Signal

Christopher McLennand August 2010 Signal

Annalisa LeVeque July 2010 MS

Ashley Jenkins May 2010 Ordinance

Amber Nyara August 2010 Ordinance

Kevin Liscovitz May 2011 Infantry

Bradlee Davis August 2011 Infantry

Drew Weaver August 2011 Armor

Roy Peregrine May 2011 FA

Lauren Viverito May 2011 Quartermaster

Christopher Bond July 2011 Quartermaster

Joseph Cromwell August 2011 Quartermaster

Jason Lemmerman May 2011 AG

Daniel Miller August 2012 Armor

Travis Siegle May 2012 Aviation

Robert Hale May 2012 Engineers

Ryan Owens May 2012 Signal

Nicholas Dano May 2012 Chaplin

Tyler Sapp May 2012 Quartermaster

Steven Kutz May 2013 AG

Mathew Bochenek May 2013 Aviation

Charles Reynolds May 2013 FA

Nicholas Anson May 2013 Infantry

Jack McLeod May 2013 Infantry

Ryan Shumaker May 2013 Infantry

James Sands August 2013 Infantry

Lemar Brown August 2013 FA

William Comstock May 2013 Quartermaster

Vincent Drake May 2013 Quartermaster

Brandon Rice August 2013 Quartermaster

Andrew McClain May 2013 Transportation

Jacob Dallas May 2014 Infantry

 Robbi Lindley August 2014 Aviation

Craig Sharp August 2014 Engineers

Clinton Lindley August 2014 MP

Tommy Hamilton May 2014 Chemical 

Amy Niemerg May 2014 MI

Joshua Palacios May 2014 MI

Andrea Robinson May 2014 Quartermaster

Henry Simmers August 2014 Transportation

Michael Bird May 2014 Ordinance

















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