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Welcome to the Eastern Illinois University Shout Out Page. Staff Senate initiated this page to support and boost the morale of all EIU employees and promote a positive campus spirit. “Shout Outs” are a public recognition of thanks or appreciation. We want to give recognition to the great works done by many individuals, departments, and others, on a day-to-day basis.

We encourage you to use the Shout Out submission form to acknowledge and recognize a fellow employee. To create a Shout Out, please click on the ‘Make a Shout Out’ tab and log in using your Net Id and Password. Once the Shout Out form is submitted, a moderator will review and then proudly display your submission on the Shout Out page. Random submissions will also be posted on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

This page was created in memory of UPD officer Harold Harris.

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To Kathryn Pickle on Jun 05, 2015 #

This is not a shoutout, but a message to the shoutout creators/monitors.  

I am leaving EIU soon, and I just want to thank so many people, I should have done this throughout the whole year I was here.  There are just so many great people that deserve to be publicly thanked and celebrated.  I think what you guys are doing is wonderful.  Spreading kindness and gratitude.  Thank you.