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EIU College of Arts and Humanities

Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Arts and Humanities

International Center for Global Diversity
Director: James Ochwa-Echel, Ph.D.

The Interdisciplinary Center for Global Diversity (ICGD) will promote education, foster research, and help coordinate the administrative work of the interdisciplinary majors/minors in Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American and Latino/a Studies, and Women’s Studies programs. The ICGD will work with all colleges and departments across the EIU campus and the larger community to encourage a greater awareness of issues concerning global diversity, ethnic and gender identity, and international area studies in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The ICGD will provide administrative, logistics, and material support of Africana Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American and Latino/a Studies and Women’s Studies programs so they may more effectively recruit a diverse student population to EIU. And will represent the interests and provide for the educational needs of our diverse population at EIU, and encourage responsible participation of all students in the wider global society.

Africana Studies
Coordinator: James Ochwa-Echel, Ph.D.

Through the arts, humanities and social sciences, the Africana Studies program at EIU explores key aspects of the experiences of peoples of African descent throughout the world. While the focus is on the African-American experiences, the program is not an enclave for African-Americans only. Its broad educational purposes are to engender among all students an intellectual appreciation of black life in Africa and the Americas, and especially the United States, to enrich EIU curriculum and increase the relevance of an EIU education by providing our students with an appreciation of all cultures. The program offers both a major and a minor.

Asian Studies Minor
Coordinator: Jinhee Lee, Ph.D.

The interdisciplinary Asian Studies minor is composed of a core list of courses with Asia-specific content. Double counting coursework is permitted by the minor in Asian Studies. Coursework constituting the Asian Studies minor may include Honors Programs course equivalents; existing prerequisites for courses must be satisfied. Transfer credit will only be accepted towards the minor for up to six credit hours in Asian language study.

Film Studies
Coordinator: Robin Murray, Ph.D.

The interdisciplinary Film Studies minor is devoted to the study of cinema history, theory, criticism and production. The minor is comprised of two required film-centered courses (Communication Studies 3530, “Film Communication,” and English 3504, “Film and Literature”) and a core list of courses with film-specific content. Coursework in the film studies minor can be double counted in a student’s major for up to seven hours. Coursework may also include Honors Program course equivalents. Existing prerequisites for all courses must be satisfied. Students may take no more than two courses in their major area(s) and no more than two elective courses in their major area(s).

Latin American Studies
Coordinator: Carlos Amaya, Ph.D.

The Latin American Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that explores the history, culture, geography, economy, politics, art, literature and business climate of Latin America. Students who minor in Latin American Studies may take courses in several departments, including Anthropology, Geography/Geology, History, Political science and Foreign Languages. Many students find that Latin American Studies courses also count toward their major.

Medieval Studies
Coordinator: Bailey Young, Ph.D.

Students who seek knowledge of the history, culture, and society of the Middle Ages are invited to consult with the advisor of the Medieval Studies Program for assistance in selecting courses suited to their individual needs.

Religious Studies
Coordinator: Grant Sterling, Ph.D.

The interdisciplinary minor in Religious Studies draws upon six disciplines in its courses to address religious issues from their varying perspectives, enabling students to gain a genuinely broad understanding of the subject. Double counting of coursework in concert with students’ majors and other minors is permitted by the minor in Religious Studies.

Women’s Studies Minor
Coordinator: Jeannie Ludlow, Ph.D.

The Women's Studies Program is a university-appointed body of faculty, staff, and students. The program's primary focus is the educational concerns and needs of women at EIU and in the community.

The purpose of the Women's Studies Program is to promote an understanding of how issues related to gender, age, race, economic status, sexual identity, and nationality affect women's lives and the communities in which they live. In order to promote an equitable and sensitive environment for all persons, the council also responds to issues affecting women on campus and in the community.

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