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John Artis, founder of Second Baptist Missionary Church, Mattoon, Illinois.

Dr. Bill T. Ridgeway, EIU Professor Emeritus. He was Professor of Zoology from 1966 to 1995, and Director of African American Studies from 1971 to 1973.

Dr. William H. Houseworth. A Board Certified physician who owns an obstetrics and gynecological practice at 102 W. Buchanan, Charleston, Illinois.

Dr. Onaiwu W. Ogbomo, Associate Professor of History and Director of African American Studies, EIU. He was the curator of the photographic exhibition.

Michael Watts, director of EIU Tarble Arts Center. He hosted the photographic exhibition at the Tarble Arts Center.

Mrs. Roberta Williams of Mattoon. Owner and operator of Roberta's Beauty salon, Mattoon, Illinois 1955-1969 and president of Mattoon Hairdressers and Cosmotologists Association, September 1970 to June 1971.

Mr. Robert Williams (Son of Sydney Williams, the Mattoon Barber).

Rev. and Mrs. Cyprus Hughes has since 1993 been pastor of the Second Missionary Baptist Church in Mattoon, IL.


Model Barber Shop in Charleston, Illinois: (left to right) Parker Dempsey (owner), Tom Bennett, Kenneth "Crackers" H. Norton, Sr., Jim Boaz and 5th person unidentified.


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