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ELE 40002-815/715
Course Reference Number: 37486
Title: Practicum in Elementary Curriculum and Instruction
Instructor: Metzen, Mike
Semester Hours: 1
Room: n/a
Dates: 01/07-04/26
Day/Time: arranged
Register: New Students / Current Students

ELE 4880-815/715
Course Reference Number: 37489
Title: Diagnostic-Prescriptive Reading Instruction
Instructor: Reid, Denise
Semester Hours: 3
Room: LH215
Dates: 01/09-05/01
Day/Time: W 5:30-8pm
Register: New Students / Current Students

MAT 3420-815/715
Course Reference Number: 37708
Title: Teaching Mathematics in Grades PreK-6
Instructor: Wiles, Peter
Semester Hours: 2
Room: LH 215
Dates: 02/01-02, 03/01-02, 03/22-23, 04/05-06, 04/19-20
Day/Time: F 5:30-8pm, S 9am-4pm
Register: New Students / Current Students

OPD 4840-650
Course Reference Number: 37429
Title: Training Program Development
Instructor: Barnard, Bruce
Semester Hours: 3
Room: X117 / CT 005
Dates: 01/10, 01/24, 02/07, 02/21, 03/07, 03/21, 04/04, 04/18 plus online.
Day/Time: R 6-8:30pm
Note: Students must attend all face-to-face meetings. Students may attend at either Parkland College or Danville Area Community College. Both locations will be linked and occur simultaneously.
Register: New Students / Current Students

PSY 3765-801
Course Reference Number: 37582
Title: Methods in Behavior Management
Instructor: Wilson, Keith M
Semester Hours: 3
Room: LH220 Fridays, LH 212 Saturdays
Dates: 03/22-23, 04/05-06, 04/19-20
Day/Time: F 6-10pm, S 8am-6pm
Note: This course is a cost-recovery initiative. Tuition waivers may be used.
Register: New Students / Current Students

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