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EIU School of Extended Learning

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances profitability, productivity and innovations across sectors.

Agriculture Health Retail
Agriculture Health and Fitness Retail
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6 weeks programs

Online live instructions by
AI experts operating companies

2 hours/week

Learner self-study
average 5 hours/week

AI to Go

AI for Professionals
6-7 pm CST every Tuesday & Thursday
Learn fundamental concepts and real-life
  applications of AI
 Machine Learning (ML) and Deep
  Learning in agriculture, health care,
  retail and more

- Demystify AI, Machine Learning (ML) and
  Deep Learning technology

- Python fundamentals
- Develop ML algorithm with Python
- 7 steps to build ML model
- AI use cases for agriculture, health care,
   retail and more

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Picture of students

Introduction to Machine Learning
6-7 pm CST every Wednesday
9-10 am CST every Saturday
Learn the key concepts of and applications of
Machine Learning; build, test and deploy ML models

- Supervised & unsupervised Machine Learning
- ML algorithms, such as linear and logistic regression,
   k-Nearest Neighbor, Naïve Bayes

- Neural networks
- Scikit-Learn implementation of models
- Use CRISP-DM to plan and implement ML projects

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School of Extended Learning

600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920
(217) 581-5114

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