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The chemistry major at Eastern is built upon and fosters strong student-faculty interactions through small classes and collaborative research opportunities as well as through substantial hands-on learning experiences using state-of-the art instruments and equipment. Courses in the major are taught by a very well-trained and dedicated cohort of faculty. Chemistry faculty have very high expectations for chemistry majors and they are equally committed to their success.

Our goal is to help you become a well-trained chemist and prepare you for the next step in your chosen career path. Whether you are planning to pursue a graduate or professional degree, to teach, or to seek employment in the chemical or related industries upon graduation, our programs are designed to help you achieve your goals.

The department offers B.A. and B.S. degree programs plus a secondary (high school) science teacher certification option. The B.S. program includes concentration choices in chemistry, biochemistry, and management.

All programs are built upon a common set of chemistry foundation courses plus ancillary courses in math (calculus) and physics. These courses are typically completed in the first two years of study.

The B.A. program is designed to be paired with existing pre-professional programs (e.g. pre-health) or minor programs (e.g. criminology, environmental sciences) in other disciplines. With careful planning, students can complete a second major in conjunction with the chemistry B.A. and do so in 4 years.

The B.S. chemistry and biochemistry programs are certified by the American Chemical Society. Both programs provide students with needed skills for entry level chemist positions in industry or government and prepare students for advanced study in chemistry or related disciplines. Both programs also serve as gateways to professional schools.

The B.S. management program is unique in that it combines chemistry with a business oriented curriculum. Students in this program complete undergraduate pre-requisite courses for the MBA program.

The B.S. with teacher certification, chemistry specialization option, prepares students to become high school chemistry teachers.

Lastly, in addition to a traditional two-year research based M.S. degree, the department also offers an accelerated M.S. (also known as BA/MS and BS/MS) which are available to motivated students desiring to earn both Bachelors and Masters degrees within a five-year period,





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Ann Frommel Memorial Award
Annie L. Weller Scholarship
Brian & Trina Myerscough- Chad Pfeffinger Outstanding Sigma Pi Service Award
COS Advisory Board Endowed Fund Sch
COS Student Advisory Board Student Assist. Award
Dr. Barbara L. Hill Memorial Scholarship
Edward O. Sherman Memorial Scholarship
Frank McCormick Phi Beta Kappa Study Abroad Scholarship
George L. Cunningham Jr. Chemistry Scholarship
Gerardo J. Solis Latino/Latina Scholarship
Harris E. Phipps Chemistry Scholarship
Harry Frost Chemistry Scholarship Fund
Kenneth E. and Donelda A. Damann Aquatic Ecology Award
Leona Stanford Vollintine Charitable Trust Fund Scholarship
Martin O. Schahrer Scholarship
Murray & Sallie Walters Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Stal Markowski Science Scholarship
Richard L. & Ellen A. Keiter Undergrad Research Fellowship
Roger F. Hibbs Memorial Chemistry Scholarship
Sandra and Jack Pine Scholarship Program
Scholars in Undergraduate Research at Eastern (SURE Awards)
Sidney R. Steele Student Summer Award
The Eunice Dougherty Scholarship
The G.B. Dudley Memorial Scholarship

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