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The focus is on the development of a highly competent Driver Education teacher in both the classroom and behind-the-wheel teaching settings. Of course beginning teachers should have a good driving record and be willing to engage young adults in the driving task in a variety of traffic conditions. Driver Education is a required subject area in Illinois schools. Teachers will receive instruction from experienced Driver Education faculty in both teaching settings. EIU graduates approximately 45 Driver Educations teachers a year; which we believe to be the largest and most comprehensive teacher preparation program in the state.

Hours Required


Graduate Degree Opportunities After Graduation

Master of Science in Education in Traffic Safety

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Typical Starting Positions

Public School Teaching, Commercial Driver Training Schools

Well Known Companies that Hire EIU Graduates

Numerous Illinois public school district employ graduates of the program. Examples of these districts are: Charleston, Mattoon, Casey, Champaign, Lake Park,and Effingham.

Research Opportunities

Work with faculty on seatbelt surveys, use of technology in Advanced Driver Education.

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Faculty Research Interests

Rural driving, high school driver education experiences, advanced driver education, law enforcement driving.

Faculty Honors & Awards

Dr. Bates, Distinguished Service to Safety, National Safety Council Mrs. Terri Biggs, Illinois High School and College Driver Education Association -Hall of Fame

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