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There are two options available for students who are interested in EIU's Elementary Education major: the General option and the Middle School option.

The General option in Elementary Education at EIU is tailored for students anticipating careers in self-contained elementary classrooms. This option will lead to a standard elementary (K-9) certificate emphasizing preparation for K-6 classrooms with a chosen concentration in English, foreign language, fine arts, science, social science or mathematics. Students who select this option will take 15 semester hours in their chosen concentration.

The Middle School option is designed for students who anticipate careers teaching in grades 4-8, in departmentalized classrooms, or in multi disciplinary middle school settings through grade 8. This option will lead to a standard elementary (K-9) certificate with subject area endorsement. Students who select the Middle School option will select an 18-semester hour core subject area concentration from English, science, mathematics, or social science.

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Graduate Degree Opportunities After Graduation

Master of Science in Elementary Education

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Study Abroad Opportunities

Toronto for Teachers, Canada
Science and Schooling, Andros Island, Bahamas
EIU El Paso Experience

Student Professional Organizations

Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI)
Middle Level Educators Club (MLEC)
Student Reading Council (SRC)
Student Education Association (SEA)
Student Federation (SFED)
Kappa Delta Pi, Honorary (KDP)

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Scholarship Listing

Anam Cara Scholar Fund
Balsaar & Ruth Bubeck Scholarship
Bertha G. Hoedebecke Scholarship
Brian & Trina Myerscough- Chad Pfeffinger Outstanding Sigma Pi Service Award
Bryan & Adra Heise Elementary Education Scholarship
Business and Education Scholarship
Carol Schnick Coyle El Teacher Ed
Carol Specht Memorial Scholarship
CEPS Development Scholarship
Charles & Barbara Clark Elementary Education Scholarship
Charles and Elizabeth Huber Education Scholarship
Charles L. and Kathryn Joley and Family Deans Scholarship in Education
Coles-Douglas Scholarship
Don and Ferne Rogers and Daughters Scholarship
Donald & Lucille Taylor Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Barbara L. Hill Memorial Sch
Dr. John Guckert Memorial Award
Dr. John L. Roberts Schoalrship in Middle School Education
Dr. Louis Grado Sch in Education and Service
Dr. Nancy P. Taitt Mathematics Scholarship
Dwight & Bette (Leckrone) Baptist Scholarship
Education Scholars Award
Ellen Cutright Decker Scholarship
Emma Reinhardt Scholarship (Kappa Delta Pi)
Errett & Mazie Warner Elementary Education Award
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Department of Elementary Education, Buzzard Hall 2220
Contact Name: Dr. Jeanne Okrasinski
Contact Email: jeokrasinski@eiu.edu
Web: http://www.eiu.edu/eemedu/