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Are you interested in managing money and other resources? Do you like to work with numbers and with people? Are you analytical and a creative thinker? Then you should consider a major and career in finance, the area of business that studies how individuals, businesses, and other organizations allocate and use financial and other resources.

You can prepare for a career as a finance professional by majoring in finance, one of five business majors offered by Eastern Illinois University?s School of Business. The School of Business is student-centered and fosters relationship-driven learning between students and faculty. Finance students in the School of Business can reach their potential through a variety of learning experiences both in and out of the classroom. All finance and business classes are taught by faculty members ? not graduate students ? using collaborative and project based learning as well as more traditional teaching methods.

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Finance professionals - who analyze and interpret data to determine how to allocate resources - include: Financial planners who help individuals manage and invest their finances so they can achieve their life goals.; Corporate managers who allocate the firm?s resources to support marketing and the production of goods and services and to help the firm meets its objectives; Commercial bankers such as bank managers, loan officers, mortgage bankers, or trust officers; Investment bankers who help businesses and other organizations raise capital and expand through mergers and acquisitions; Analysts who evaluate securities, real estate and other investment options.

Scholarship Listing

Alexander Briggs Memorial Award
Bert and Janet Holley Scholarship
Beta Gamma Sigma Scholarship
Building Aspirations Towards Positivity Annual Scholarship
Business and Education Scholarship
C. Roger Sorensen Business Scholarship
Charles Gifford Manion Memorial Scholarship
Cindra Ward Stiff Professional Business Scholarship
Clay/Richland Scholarship
Cooley Family Scholarship
Dean Giffin Award
Don & Mary (Hartke) Gher Scholarship
Donald L. and Clara Alice Seaman Shawver Scholarship
Grace T. Bair Business Scholarship
Habeeb Family Scholarship for Business Students
J.W. and Marilyn Oglesby Scholarship
Jack K. & Marge Hatfield Scholarship
Jeffrey G. and Lila M. Scott Scholarship
Jim & Bess Townsend Hanks Scholarship
Jim & June Giffin Scholarship
John and Mary Kensil Delta Chi Scholarship
John Luther Business Scholarship
John P. Coffey US Veterans Sch
Kevin & Pam Savoree Scholarship
Kuhl Family Scholarship
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