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Specialized Degree Audits in Internet Native Banner

Specialized audits that are not tied to specific majors may be run only in Internet Native Banner (INB). As a result, they are available only to advisors and other staff who have access to INB. All faculty and staff classified as "advisors" should have access to u.achieve in INB. If you do not, you may request access to the degree audit by completing the Banner Access form found at If you already have completed the Banner Access form, contact the Office of the Registrar at 217/581-3511.

The Grade Report Audit

The Grade Report Audit provides a snapshot of students' progress, listing only their academic standing, GPA, registered and in-progress courses, and completed courses and grades. Such audits are only 1-2 pages long, as opposed to 7-8 pages long. They thus offer advisors an efficient way of identifying basic concerns. A sample Grade Report is available for review.

Please note that the Grade Report Audit enforces the course repeat policy that went into effect in Fall 2007, and as such, is intended for students whose catalog year/term is Fall 2007 or after. If you run the Grade Report Audit for students with previous EIU coursework, it may inflate the GPA.

The Transfer Evaluation Audit

The Transfer Evaluation Audit looks only at students' transfer coursework. It identifies every transfer institution at which a student has completed and reported work, detailing transfer courses, hours, and GPAs. A sample Transfer Evaluation is available for review.

(Note: If you wish to see how the student's transfer work articulates with EIU requirements, you should run a regular degree audit. See "Advisor Guide to the Audit" on the menu at the left. If you want to see how the student's planned transfer work will articulate with EIU requirements, see "Guide to the Reference Articulation Audit.")

Running a Specialized Audit in INB

    1. Access Production INB. Enter your username and password, and then click "Connect."
    2. In the "Go To" box near the top of the Banner screen, type SZADARQ ("Degree Audit Request "), as shown in the screenshot below. (If you wish to review a previously submitted audit, type "SZADARO" instead, and move on to step 6, below.)
screen image
    1. On the form that appears, enter the student’s E number or Social Security number in the "ID" box. Then enter the current term in the "Term" box, using Banner conventions (i.e., Enter 4 digits for the year and 2 digits for the term, where Fall=90, Spring=30, and Summer=60. For Fall 2007, enter "200790.")
    2. Select “Next Block” (the downward pointing triangle below the word “Record”) from the toolbar, and the student’s curriculum information will appear.
    3. Now type "GRADEREPORT" or "TRANS EVAL" in the "FDPROG" box at the lower left of the form to request one of the specialized audits. Type "A" in the "EvalSW" box so that the audit will evaluate any transfer work the student may have. Enter the student's catalog year and term in the "FcatlYT" box. (It already appears in the portion of the form that shows the student's current program.) And then type "EIU" in the "Comkey" box so that DARS will process the audit according to certain EIU-specific parameters.

Be sure your form looks like the one shown below. Then click "Run Audit" on the lower right of the form.

screen image
    1. From the toolbar at the top of the SZADARQ form, select “Options” and “View Audit” (SZADARO, the Audit Review Form). On the screen that appears, highlight the audit you wish to view, check the “Plain Audit” box in the lower left, and hit the “View Audit” button on the lower right:
screen image
  1. Review the audit! (Sample Grade Report and Transfer Evaluation audits are available for review.

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