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... if I don't have access to the degree audits?

All admitted students have access to degree audits, as do all faculty and staff designated as advisors. You may request access to the degree audit by completing the Banner Access form found at If you already have completed the Banner Access form, contact the Office of the Registrar at 217/581-3511.

... if I need help running an audit?

If you are a student, contact your advisor. Faculty and staff should contact their college certification officer. Others may contact the Provost's Office.

... if I don't know how to find a student's E number?

First, try using the Social Security number instead. If you don't know this number either, sign on to Internet Native Banner. (If you don't know how to do this, see "Running a Specialized Audit in INB.") Click the arrow to the right of the "ID" box. From the "Option List" that appears, select "Person Search." Click on the box under "Last Name." Type the student's last name, first name, and middle initial if you know it. Then, on the toolbar, click the "Execute" icon (it is under the word "Tools" and looks rather like a drum). Find your student in the list that appears, highlight and copy the E#, and paste it into the "Student ID" box on the Self-Serve form.

... if I have a question about my GPA?

Contact a Records Analyst at

... if I have a question about my transfer work?

Contact a Records Analyst at

... if I have a question about teacher certification requirements?

Contact the College of Education and Professional Studies.

... if I have a question about high school subject deficiencies?

Contact a Records Analyst at

... if my audit displays an error message?

If your audit returns an error called "BQ01S: No Degree Program," contact your college certification officer. If you encounter an "ET03E: Articu Tab Before Lne" " error, contact a Records Analyst at

... if I have other questions about my audit?

First, talk to your advisor. He or she is identified by name near the top of your audit. If you need additional information, contact your college's certifying officer:

  • College of Arts and Humanities: Ms. Betsy Miller (for majors in African-American Studies, Art, Communication Studies, English, Foreign Language, History, Journalism, Music, Philosophy, and Theatre Arts)
  • College of Education and Professional Studies: Ms. Bonnie Wilson (for majors in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Health Studies, Physical Education, Recreation Administration, and Special Education)
  • Lumpkin College of Business and Applied Sciences: Ms. Mary Hennig (for majors in Accounting, Business Administration, Career and Organizational Studies, Career and Technical Education, Family & Consumer Sciences, Finance, Industrial Technology, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing)
  • College of Sciences: Ms. Barbara Kuykendall (for majors in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Clinical Laboratory Science, Communication Disorders and Sciences, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Mathematics and Computer Science, Nursing, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Science with Teacher Certification, Social Science Teaching, and Sociology)
  • School of Continuing Education: Ms. Lori Brewer (for majors in General Studies--formerly the Board of Trustees BA)
  • Graduate School: Ms. Patti Bailey (for all graduate level majors)

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