Fall 2004


Major Assessment Profiles

Eastern Illinois University














(No revisions were made to this section by the department in 2004.)
  1. Assessment
    • Departmental Assessment Plan
    • IBHE Program Review outcome: Next review scheduled for 2003-2004.
    • IBHE Alumni Survey results
    • Undergraduate Student Survey Results: NA
    • Accreditation reports/results: The Elementary Education major general option and middle level option are both fully accredited by NCATE having gone through the Association for Childhood Education Review process for elementary programs as part of the qualifications for the positive NCATE site visit in 2001.
  2. Active student learning opportunities:
  3. Strategies to improve P-16 teaching and learning: (1)Science Workshops - Grants and School Requests for assistance. Participation numbers vary from 25-70 per session. (2)PT3 Grants - Technology Enhanced Teaching Projects in K-6 Classrooms. There are approximately six PT3 grants in progress. (3)Faculty in the department organize a Fall Reading Conference with full complement of sessions involving K-6 classroom teachers as well as EIU faculty as both presenters and participants - Approximately 700 in attendance 2001. (4)formalized partnerships with P-12 schools/districts; Charleston Public Schools, Mattoon, Champaign, Mt. Vernon (consultation), Humbolt.
  4. Collaborative activities with business/industry: 1) formal training programs: Work with ROE and Continuing Education to provide workshops and off-campus course offering; America Reads in conjunction with Carl Sandburg Elementary School of Charleston, IL 2) professional education programs: Work with ROE and Continuing Education to provide workshops and off-campus course offerings, also collaboration with Community Colleges for articulation of courses.3) external advisory councils; Advisory Council - Provides feedback to the program.
  5. Pass rates on any professional/ occupational licensure exams:
  6. Faculty Achievements Please see the linked list. In addition to these activities, all faculty serve on multiple committees from the Departmental Level, to College and University committees. Often faculty are serving on as many as eight committees and some serve on more. Faculty also advise at the undergraduate and graduate levels.
  7. Student Achievements: Scholarships Awarded: 20 Scholarships from the Department and Department Organizations and one University Scholarship were awarded to Elementary Education majors. ACEI Braithwaite Leadership Award to ACEI President selected by ACEI International and presented at the Annual International Study Conference in San Diego.

ELE Data Spreadsheet (Excel)

  1. Enrollment: Undergraduate: 1,214; Graduate: 67
  2. Degrees: Undergraduate: 250; Graduate: 55
  3. Student Major Statistics
    • Full-time students: Undergraduate: 1,132; Graduate: 11
    • Part-time students: Undergraduate: 82; Graduate: 56
    • Diversity: Undergraduate: 62; Graduate: 1
    • ACT: Undergraduate: 21.25
    • GPA: Undergraduate: 3.11; Graduate: 3.27
  4. ECE/ELE/MLE Faculty Statistics
    • Total faculty headcount: 32
    • Total FTE faculty: 20.97
    • Full-time faculty: 19
    • Part-time faculty: 13
    • # faculty on leave: 2
    • Total tenured/tenure track faculty: 10
    • Faculty break down by rank:
      1. Professor: 4
      2. Associate: 1
      3. Assistant: 5
      4. Instructor: 22
    • # w/Terminal degrees: 9
    • Total annually-contracted faculty: 9
      1. # w/Terminal degrees: 0
    • Non-negotiated part-time faculty: 13
    • Gender: 25 males, 7 females
    • Diversity: 2
  5. Credit Hour Production Total: 9,105
  6. Discipline cost per credit hour by level: $265.56
  7. Direct Cost Per Credit Hour Total: $124.12
  8. Freshman-Sophomore Retention Rate: 88%
  9. Average Actual Hours to Degree: 146
  10. Required Hours to Degree: 134-135
    • General Option: 123-135
    • Middle School Option: 126-134