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EIU Associate's to Bachelor's in Child Care

BA in General Studies:
Option in Child Care Education

At the conclusion of their course of study, graduates are prepared to qualify for the Early Childhood Professional Level IV, as identified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Illinois Director Credential, as identified by the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies. The Option in Child Care Education meets the qualifications of the Illinois Director's Credential as an entitled program.

Below is a sample two year plan that includes all of the necessary courses and assumes that the learner will be a full-time student. Those courses with an (*) indicates that the course is offered in other semesters.

Fall 2017 (12 hours)Spring 2018 (14 hours)Summer 2018 (6 hours)
FCS 4246 Curriculum for Childcare Homes and Centers (3) FCS 3812 Nutrition Topics for Child Care Professionals (2) FCS 3300 Personal and Family Finance* (3)
FCS 4256 Working with School-age Care Programs (3) FCS 4240 Child Advocacy (1) FCS 4685 Developing Cultural Awareness in Young Children (3)
FCS 4262 Discipline and Guidance of Young Children (3) FCS 4250 Designing and Managing Learning Environments in Early Childhood Programs (2)  
FCS 4264 Grant Writing and Development in Human Services (3) FCS 4680 Family Systems and Their Impact on Childcare (3)  
BGS 2985 Adults in Transition* (2) BGS 3002 Critical Thinking and the Adult Learner* (3)  
  EIU 41XX Senior Seminar* (3)  
Fall 2018 (12 hours) Spring 2019 (12 hours) Summer 2019 (6 hours)
FCS 1121 Food Service Sanitation* (FA only) (1) FCS 3800 Family Life Sex Education* (3) FCS 4686 Activity Planning to Facilitate Brain Development (3)
FCS 3810 Child Care Issues (1) FCS 4845 Family Stress and Resilience* (3) FCS 4860 Addictions and the Family* (3)
FCS 4242 Computer Use for Child Care Administrators (2) FCS 4854 Parent Child Study and Community Involvement* (SP only) (3)  
FCS 4244 Working with Families of Children Identified as Exceptional (3) FCS 4275 Internship in FCS* (3)  
FCS 4859 Administration of Child and Family Services Programs (3)    
BGS 4001 Self-Directed Leadership* (3)    

Please note that you must meet writing competency requirement and maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.

For more information on application and/or registration permission, contact:

  • Donna Coonce (unavailable Summer 2017)
  • Kim Redfern (available Summer 2017)

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Contact Information

Ms. Donna Coonce, Coordinator and Instructor

School of Family and Consumer Sciences
Eastern Illinois University
600 Lincoln Avenue
Charleston, IL 61920-3099
Fax: 217-581-6090

Kimberly A Redfern, Advisor

2134 - Blair Hall

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