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The Production Laboratory allows faculty to teach students the processes used in industry to convert semi-finished materials into useable/salable products. Along with this, students learn the properties of materials to determine what equipment can be used to produce finished goods.

Students working in the production laboratory use the equipment to learn the processes and procedures in the areas of turning, drilling, shaping, milling and grinding operations. Advanced students gain knowledge in the areas of heavy manufacturing techniques used for fabricating steel, cast iron, aluminum and plastics. In completing projects in the laboratory students gain an understanding of quality and ways to measure quality, how to consider the cost of materials and equipment, instruments used to measure tolerances, the design of products relating to manufacturing processed and the order of operations in manufacturing procedures.

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Courses supported by the facility:

AET 2064 Manufacturing Processes
AET 3113 Manufacturing Machine Processes
AET 3143 Manufacturing Fabrication Processes

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Dr. Jerry Cloward, Laboratory Coordinator