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The Materials Testing Laboratory is a learning laboratory where students are exposed to destructive and nondestructive tests that help determine the mechanical and physical properties of metallic and nonmetallic materials. The laboratory includes equipment and instrumentation for preparing and testing materials according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standards. Instrumentation for conducting a variety of tests including tensile, compression, impact, hardness, and ultrasonic is available in this laboratory.

The Materials Testing Laboratory also contains equipment and instrumentation for metallurgical experiments and tests. Students enrolled in Physical Metallurgy use the equipment and instrumentation in the Materials Testing Laboratory to examine the structure of metals under various conditions. The equipment and instrumentation in this laboratory allows students to observe how heating and cooling cycles affect the mechanical properties of metals.


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Courses supported by the facility:

AET 4002 Materials Testing
AET 4602 Physical Metallurgy

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Dr. David Melton, Laboratory Coordinator