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How do I apply for graduation?

I usually have a supply of applications in my office for those of you on-campus. If not, forms can be picked up or requested from Mary Hennig, Assistant to the Dean, (Lumpkin Hall Room 4815, 217-581-6902).
For on-campus students, I must sign off on the completed form before it is submitted.

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Cap, Gown and Commencement Ceremony

Questions about cap and gown, diploma covers, and the commencement ceremony should be referred to the commencement office, 217-581-6892.

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Financial Aid

Financial Aid questions must be answered by that department. Contact them at 217-581-3711 or go to their website at http://www.eiu.edu/~finaid/.

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Foreign Language Graduation Requirement

The foreign language graduation requirement is met by the completion of two years of the same language in high school (with an average grade of “C” or better) or the completion of the second level of a language at the college level. Questions about this policy, especially in regard to transfer courses meeting the requirement, should be addressed to the Records Office, 217-581-3512.

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International Student

Inquiries regarding International Student enrollment should be directed to International Programs, 217-581-2321 or http://www.eiu.edu/interntl/.

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Loan Company

My loan company wants me to start paying but I'm not graduating for another year! First, you must apply for graduation. Then, contact EIU's records office at 217-581-3512 or http://www.eiu.edu/registra/verification.php.

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Master's (Graduate) programs

For information on Master's (Graduate) programs, contact the graduate school at 217-581-2220 or check out their website at http://www.eiu.edu/graduate/. For the M.S. in Technology, contact Dr. Ping Liu at pliu@eiu.edu

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My PIN (PAC) number won't work. Call registration for assistance at 217-581-3831.

Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Jeff Duck in the College of Education and Professional Studies handles post-baccalaureate teacher certification. His number is 581-7895 and e-mail is cfjad@eiu.edu.

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Are there scholarships available?

School of Technology scholarship applications for on-campus programs are posted to the SOT website in January of each year. Recipients are notified in early April and an awards ceremony is held later that month. Students receive scholarship monies in the fall, after the 10th day of the semester, from the Foundation Office.

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I forgot to return my textbooks. What should I do? Call textbook rental service at 271-581-7484.

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Transcripts can only be obtained from the Records Office. Call 217-581-3511 for more information or log on to http://www.eiu.edu/registra/.

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Transfer Course Work

The Records Office also handles transfer course work. Transcripts should be mailed to:
Records Office, EIU
600 Lincoln Ave.
Charleston, IL 61920.

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I received a tuition bill and don't understand it. Who should I talk to? Call the cashier's office at 217-581-3715.

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Veteran's services

Veteran's services can be contacted at 217-581-5227 or http://www.eiu.edu/veterans/.

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School of Continuing Education

I'm an off-campus student and the registration system indicates that two or more weekend courses conflict. The dates in the schedule clearly show they are on different weekends. What can I do? Call the School of Continuing Education at 1-800-446-8918.

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