The Mission is Leadership

The graduate program in Technology prepares students to become successful leaders in today's technological and global environment. The program is designed to provide students with opportunities for developing advanced professional, technical and personal competencies in the field of technology. It enables students to identify, develop and implement quality strategies and practices in contemporary organizations.

Additionally, students enhance their research and communication skills necessary for technological leadership. They also gain an appreciation of ethical and social implications of technology related to a global and technological society.

The Master of Science in Technology provides students with the following areas of study: 


EIU School of Technology also offers graduate certificate programs in technology to help Illinois business and industry sustain economic growth. These graduate certificate programs meet focused needs of students and working professionals in industry, business, education and government agencies.

Graduate Certificate programs include the following areas of study:


Graduates Enjoy Successful Careers

Many graduates from the program enjoy their successful careers as part of management teams in various organizations. Typical positions held by former graduates include:

  • Production Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Quality Manager/Director
  • Industrial Designer
  • Plant Manager
  • Employment Manager
  • Program Development Coordinator
  • Training Coordinator/Director
  • Training Consultant/Specialist
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Career and Technology Education Teacher
  • School Librarian
  • Technology Director/Coordinator

Graduates work effectively in companies of various sizes, including: