Aramis Smith



SSC: What is your major?

Aramis: Biochemistry

SSC: When will you graduate?

Aramis: Spring 2018

SSC: What career aspirations do you have?

Aramis: I aspire to become a pulmonologist and work with children suffering from chronic asthma.

SSC: What other plans do you have after graduating from EIU?

Aramis: I plan to continue my education in medical school.

SSC: How did you become introduced to the Student Success Center?

Aramis: The SIHL (Summer Institute for Higher Learning) introduced me to the SSC.

SSC: How long have you visiting someone in the SSC? Who do you visit? How often?

Aramis: I've been visiting Assistant Director Brian Gorman every other week since the start of my enrollment at EIU.

SSC: What were some academic problems you were facing prior to visiting the SSC?

Aramis: I faced problems with time management, procrastination, and studying.

SSC: How did the SSC help you overcome your academic struggles?

Aramis: The SSC scheduled study tables for me to finish my homework.

SSC: Have your academic habits continued to improve since you began visiting the SSC?

Aramis: Now, I schedule my own specific study hours.

SSC: Has your GPA improved? How much?

Aramis: My GPA did not improve but my grades in challenging classes did improve.

SSC: Would you recommend the SSC to other students? What would you say?

Aramis: Yes, I would highly recommend the SSC. I would tell students to do what I did and schedule study table hours.

SSC: Are there specific types of students you would recommend to the SSC to?

Aramis: I would recommend those students who need to study but don't know how.

SSC: Please provide a statement of your overall feelings of the SSC.

Aramis: Overall I have great feeling toward the SSC, they are like family.

SSC:  Other comments?

Aramis: More students should take advantage of the SSC, to improve on grades, performance tasks, and studying skills.

Interview completed April, 2015.