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Teacher Preparation Programs

Comparison of Programs

The State of Illinois standard secondary school teaching certificate qualifies students to teach grades six through twelve. At Eastern, a student may earn this certificate through two program options. These programs cover the same content in different ways.

Regular Secondary Education Program

Integrated Secondary Education Program (ISEP)

PLEASE NOTE: New Students are Not Being Accepted into the ISEP Program at This Time.

Separate Courses: Students in the regular program gain firm grounding in teaching by taking separate courses in educational foundations, educational psychology, secondary methods and special education. Integrated Curriculum: ISEP integrates educational foundations, educational psychology, secondary methods and special education in an intensive three-course sequence that continues into the student's teaching semester. A targeted field experience takes place in ISEP I (SED 3000) followed by a practicum in ISEP II (SED 3100).
Block Schedule: Instructional Tasks for the Secondary School Teacher (SED 3330) and Educational Psychology (EDP 3331) are blocked together into the same semester to provide an intensive experience in the foundations of teaching, learning and professional development. These courses meet Monday through Friday for two hours daily. Independent, Writing-Intensive Orientation: During ISEP I and II, students meet once a week for 120 minutes and complete weekly modules (learning packets) independently. Modules combine readings, school visits, and writing assignments. All ISEP courses are designated as writing intensive by the CAA. Some assignments in each ISEP course may be submitted for the Electronic Writing Portfolio.
Practicum: An intensive practicum over a six-week period provides a variety of teaching experiences in preparation for student teaching. The practicum is blocked into the student's schedule, and students are assigned to a school within a 50-mile radius. Carpooling in arranged. Practicum: Students participate in targeted field experiences in ISEP I, followed by a more intensive practicum in ISEP II. Field experiences provide a variety of teaching experiences in preparation for student teaching. The instructor schedules each practicum in consultation with students.
Registration: Students must meet certain requirements before being admitted into SED 3330 and EDP 3331, upper-level education courses. Application: Admission is by application only. Students should call 581-5931 for more information.

Please note: The department will register students who have met the necessary requirements for SED 3000, SED 3100, SED 3330, and EDP 3331. Please do not try to register for these classes yourself; there is also no need to waitlist on the PAWS system. Students are required to fill out the necessary application/form(s) in the SED/EDF office, 2147 Buzzard. For more information on the department's waitlist process, click here.

Requirements for Teacher Certification

To meet State of Illinois requirements for certification, you must take certain courses. You may count these courses toward a bachelor's degree or take them after earning the degree. You will need specific courses in general education and in the subject you plan to teach.

These courses may exceed those required for a bachelor's degree. Complete details appear in the:

Secondary Teacher Certification Programs in the following areas: