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The following goals and objectives can also be viewed as an Excel spreadsheet or as a PDF document. Recreation Administration Curriculum

Goal 1: To revise curriculum to address current professional development issues and trends.

ObjectiveActionTimelineOutcomeAddressed By
1.1) Conduct a departmental review of required recreation core courses against COARPT stamdards Faculty review courses and discuss possible action, including (but not limited to): reduction of credit hours in some courses with the increase of credit hours in other course; addition of courses; revisions to current syllabi/course content. December 2012 Faculty reviewed core courses against COARPT Standards & CPRP Domains and CARTE for TR (fall 2012). Changes to curriculum were identified in the area of HR. Curriculum Committee Chair Dr. James Barkley
1.2) Conduct a departmental review of required therapeutic recreation core courses against COARPT and CARTE standards. Faculty review courses and discuss possible action, including (but not limited to): reduction of credit hours in some courses with the increase of credit hours in other course; addition of courses; revisions to current syllabi/course content August 2013 REC 4710 Therapeutic Recration Seminar was approved by CAA. Dr. Holmes-Layman
1.3) Investigate the expansion/proposal of new courses (outdoor, advanced technology, online, CTRS prep, tourism, HRM) Curriculum committee will review proposals for various concentrations August 2013 Based upon review of newly developed (2012) CPRP domains, a deficiency of HRM was identified within the core. A new course, REC 4700 Employee and Volunteer Management,was approved by CAA. Visits with Academic Advising identified the potential need for a 1-credit intro course. A new course REC 1200 Opportunities in Recreation was approved  by CAA.. New objective was developed Curriculum Committee Chair Dr. James Barkley
1.4) Ongoing review of the feasibility for collaboration of course offerings with other departments on campus Faculty continue current collaborations with FCS and KSS and remain open to other possible collaborative efforts. Annually in October Discussions were held with KSS department minor.  Department Facult
1.5) To explore Certificate program options Meet with appropriate offices and provide information to faculty October of 2013 (Completed) Investigation indicated that all certificate programs must be approved by IBHE. Department Faculty
1.6) To promote integrated learning experiences for students Ensure that students engage in at least 3 agency integrated projects Annually in June Faculty review academic course activities and projects within the core courses during annual assessment meeting. Assessment Committee Chair Dr. Mike Mulvaney
1.7) To explore the development/acquisition of additional storage space Submit a proposal for alternative sites for storage August of 2012 (Completed) Storage shed/space has been purchased and is available to faculty. Department Chair Dr. William Higelmire
1.8) Promote study abroad, study away and national student exchange options Through appreciative advising faculty will Share opportunities with students regarding NSE, study abroad and study awa Annually in August Investigation of the potensial of collaborative study abroad opportunity with KSS to Canada. Faculty meeting Dr. Peggy Holmes Layman Dr. Mike Mulvaney



Recreation Administration Visibility

Goal 2: To enhance the Department of Recreation Administration's visibility and development opportunities.

Faculty have completed multiplepresentations throughout the year atvarious local, state, regional, national,and international conferences and fairs.
ObjectiveActionTimelineOutcomeAddressed By
2.1) Continue and strengthen relationships with recreation agencies. Faculty will explore ways to serve on recreation related professional committees. Annually in August Faculty continue to serve on various professional associations. Faculty determined the need to annually assign a faculty to a the IPRA Education Committee. Added new objective to address recreation agencies. Faculty Meeting
Dr. Higelmire
2.2) Maintain an up-to-date mailing and email list of Department of Recreation Administration alumni. Work with foundation to develop an accurate email list. Annually in August Updated email and alumni list is  developed and revised on an annual basis. Faculty Meeting
Dr. Higelmire
2.3) Assist in applying for internal and external grants. Identify project areas and possible collaboration projects among university faculty (and community). Annually in April Faculty are working with departments on campus and professional agencies and communities. Faculty Meeting
Dr. Higelmire
2.4) To explore the development of a summer fitness camp. Work with interested parties to establish a summer fitness camp. January 2013 Due to saturation of existing sports camps, it was decided to discontinue the effort. Dr. Barkley
2.5) Develop presentations, publications and other creative endeavors. Faculty will prepare session proposals, manuscripts, report, and engage in other creative activities. October and April Faculty have completed multiple presentations throughout the year at various local, state, regional, national, and international conferences and fairs. Department Faculty



Recreation Administration Assessment

Goal 3) To revise the Department of Recreation Administration's student assessment standards and practices.

ObjectiveActionTimelineOutcomeAddressed By
3.1) To establish criterion measures for assessment objectives Assessment committee will review objectives and make appropriate changes. Committee will review student portfolio process for refinement  Annually in May Establishment of 51 learning outomces and development of portfolio elements for TR. Consider utilization of Desire 2 Learn as an online portfolio database. Chair of Assessment Committee: Dr. Mulvaney
3.2) To establish mission, vision and TR objectives. Review current TR objectives and revise and develop as needed for annual assessment report. August 2013 TR objectives were reviewed and updated (effective fall 2012). Mission, vision and assessment report in development stages. Dr. Holmes-Layman
3.3) To establish pre/post measuring tools for student assessment Guided by new COAPRT standards, develop pre-post test(s). August of 2014 Pre/post test measures in development stages. Chair of Assessment Committee: Dr. Mulvaney



Recreation Administration Promotion

Goal 4) To enhance the Department of Recreation Administration's promotion and marketing strategies.

4.1) To investigate providing undeclared majors with promotion materials. Meet with admissions advisors to identify promotional possibilities. Annually in May Met with Academic Advising Office, Academic Foundation Day, Transfer Day, Orientation Session, and discuss recruitment materials with Alumni Advisory Board. Department Chair Dr. Higelmire
4.2) To promote department of recreation opportunities to undeclared majors. Distribute promotional materials to students. Annually in May Collect email addresses from students attending Academic Foundation Day, send promotional materials to undeclared students. Department Chair Dr. Higelmire
4.3) To provide promotional materials to internal and external entities. Determine needs and opportunities. Responding with appropriate level of materials. Annually in May Materials distributed to community college advisors and counselors, advisory council, and Dean's Office for distribution at various programs. Materials shared with Central Advising Office and EIU Recruitment Staff. Department Chair Dr. Higelmire