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Agency-Site Application For Fieldwork

Agency-Site Application For Fieldwork

Agency-Site application for fieldwork student in recreation administration.

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  • * The above named Agency-Site agrees to accept students for fieldwork experiences from Academic-Unit. The Agency-Site recognizes that the Academic-Unit's goal is to assign students according to their interests and abilities; therefore this is only an application. If such a relationship is perceived, the Academic-Unit will be in contact soon thereafter.

  • Please indicate in the spaces provided how the student will be exposed to the following 11 content areas while attending your Agency-Site.

  • Examples include: recognizing budgets, fees & charges, external funding sources and purchase requisitions/orders, identifying how budgets and capital improvement programs are managed, describing cash handling practices, etc.

  • Examples include: identifying job descriptions, performance appraisals, and supervision policies, describing personnel issues, recognizing work schedules, employee grievance processes, orientations, and training programs, working with seasonal, part-time, and volunteer staff, etc.

  • Examples include: recognizing agency policies and operations manual, describing agency's policy decision making process, listing advocacy activities, etc.

  • Examples include: describing networking activities with related organizations, recognizing agency's vision and mission and markets, listing promotional materials, public information services, packets for special issues, identifying public relations efforts, discussing customer service, etc.

  • Examples include: identifying individual/group/program needs, resources, etc.

  • Examples include: identifying program and participant goals and objectives, ADA compliance, recognizing program development including activities, logistics, scheduling, etc.

  • Examples include: discussing direct leadership of recreation activities including teaching equipment use, supervision, explaining program registration, facility reservations, inclusion practices, related paperwork, etc.

  • Examples include: discussing program and participant evaluations, recognizing program/agency reports, etc.

  • Examples include: recognizing agency's strategic plan, explaining partnerships, facility policies, operations, etc.

  • Examples include: recognizing agency's maintenance standards and plan, energy efficient procedures, preventive maintenance, etc.

  • Examples include: identifying opening/closing procedures for facilites, describing safety and security procedures, recognizing facility management procedures, etc.

  • ** Additionally, please submit the following to the Academic-Unit Fieldwork Coordinator prior to final approval of the Agency-Site being accepted as a Fieldwork Agency-Site

    - Remuneration offered by the Agency-Site (if any; i.e. salary, housing, etc.)
    - Resume(s) of Agency-Site Fieldwork Supervisor(s)

  • Eastern Illinois University Department of Recreation Administration appreciates your cooperation and support. Again, our goal is to assign students according to their interests and abilities. If such a relationship is perceived, we will be contacting you very soon with additional information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call (217) 581-3018. Please submit this application to Eastern Illinois University, Department of Recreation Administration.

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