Welcome From Bill Perry

We often speak of the importance of students choosing a college that is the right fit. University presidents do this, too.

I chose Eastern, for instance, because I knew that every day when I came to the office, I’d be working side by side with people who understood that no matter what their title was, their job was to help our students succeed.

They do this in a hundred different ways. They make our campus beautiful and keep our physical plant running smoothly. They ensure that our classes are small and that our students receive the full attention of our faculty. They keep our costs low, our campus safe, and our alumni satisfaction rates high.

They see to it that on the other side of every door a student opens, someone is ready to help.

Through their emphasis on excellence, service, and personal attention, they have created a university where every employee works together to provide our students with the opportunities they need to become well educated citizens and leaders.

Visit our campus, and you’ll meet them for yourself. I did, and that’s why I chose EIU.

If I can be of service to you, please call 217-581-2011 or email wlperry@eiu.edu. Even better, come to see me when you visit the campus: My office is on the first floor of Old Main.

Bill Perry,
Eastern Illinois University - What makes us different is YOU!

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