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Tentative course offerings

Necessary Undergraduate Coursework

Prerequisite coureswork for occupational therapy programs typically includes the following:

Psychology Courses15 Semester Hours
PSY 1879 - Principles of Psychology OR PSY 2000 - Introduction to Psychology
PSY 3515 - Child Psychology
PSY 3780 - Abnormal Psychology
PSY 2610 - Statistics
PSY 3521 - Child Psychology OR PSY 3525 - Adult Psychology OR PSY 3530 - Industrial Psychology
Biology Courses6-8 Semester Hours
BIO 2001G - Human Physiology
BIO 2200 - Human Anatomy
Chemistry Courses
This requirement varies, but often includes CHM 1310G and CHM 1410 (General Chemistry I and II).

Other General Education Requirements

Also required is a series of general education courses. This includes ENG 1001G and 1002G, CMN 1310G, and six hours of electives in each of the following areas: social sciences, humanities and sciences. Since manual dexterity is important, coursework and/or experience with ceramics, crafts, weaving, woodworking, etc. is recommended. Students should check with individual programs for specific requirements.