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Tentative course offerings

Necessary Undergraduate Coursework

Students may major in any field, but MUST meet the following minimum course requirements:

  • English Courses —Six Total Semester Hours
    • ENG 1001G
    • ENG 1002G
  • Chemistry Courses —12 to 21 Total Semester Hours
    • CHM 1310G, 1315G, 1410 and 1415 (Eight Hours of General Courses)
    • CHM 2430 and 2435 (Minimum Four Hours of Organic Chemistry)
      • CHM 2440/2445 then 2840/2845 (Eight Hours of Organic Chemistry Recommended)
      • CHM 3450 (Three Hours of Biochemistry Highly Recommended)
  • Physics Courses —Minimum Eight Semester Hours
    • PHY 1151G, 1152G, 1161 and 1162
  • Biology Courses —Minimum Six Semester Hours
    • BIO 1100 - General Biology (Four Hours)
    • BIO 1300G - Animal Diversity (Four Hours)
    • BIO 2200 - Anatomy (Highly Recommended)
    • BIO 3300 - Microbiology (Highly Recommended)

Additional Recommendations

Dental schools also recommend that their applicants build broad educational backgrounds with courses from the social sciences, humanities, behavioral sciences, fine arts, foreign languages, speech and economics — although not necessarily to the exclusion of such courses as biochemistry and microbiology. Because of the manipulative nature of the profession, courses in art and sculpting are also useful.