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Dr.  Ryan P Burge

Dr. Ryan P Burge


Office: 2020 - Coleman Hall
Phone: Political Science Dept
Email: rpburge@eiu.edu
Website: http://www.ryanburge.com
Dr. Burge (Ph.D. , Southern Illinois University) teaches primarily in the areas of American political behavior, American institutions, and public administration. His research focuses largely on the intersection between religiosity and political behavior (especially in the American context.) Recently, Dr. Burge has completed an appointment as a post doctoral research fellow at the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute in Carbondale, Illinois. While there he was an advisor on issues of survey methodology and polling, as well as providing data collection and analysis. His current research is focused on the impact of religion on political tolerance in the United States as well as the philanthropic activities of religious individuals. Additionally, Dr. Burge has published several papers on the Emergent Church Movement. 

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