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EIU Political Science Review 

Spring 2014 

Crystal Trotter - Leadership and The American Military


The author takes a look at the interplay between leadership and the American military. The author examines and considers views from many great American military minds on how leadership plays an absolutely vital role in the effectiveness of the American military.

Crystal Trotter Article

Crystal Trotter- The Generals


The author reviews Thomas Rick’s book, The Generals.

Crystal Trotter Article

Lindsey Juszczak - Organizations, Women, and Political Participation


The author considers the relationship between the percentage of women in state legislatures and the presence of organizations that encourage female participation in politics and the pursuit of higher office. Using a qualitative analysis of a number of states, the author finds areas of support for the hypothesis but also finds areas where other states can improve.

Lindsey Juszczak Article

Matthew Cain- An Analysis of Media Use and Public Opinion Toward the Affordable Care Act


The author tests a number of hypotheses regarding views of the Affordable Care Act. Using a regression model and a variety of other data sources, the author finds support for the argument that the debate was forged by partisanship and ideology, along with age.  

Matthew Cain Article