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EIU Political Science Review 

Spring 2012

Steve Anderson - European Drug Policy: The Cases of Portugal, Germany, and The Netherlands


Drug abuse is a problem that reaches all corners of the globe. In Europe, the case is no different. The author examines how the incorporation of different drug policy methods affects illicit drug use in Portugal, Germany and The Netherlands.

Steve Anderson Article

Tuesday Baumiller - Alexander Thompson's Information Transmission Theory


This paper is an analysis of Alexander Thompson's book "Channels of Power: The UN Security Council and U.S. Statecraft in Iraq. The author examines Thompson's Information Transmission Theory and discusses its relevance as well as its legitimacy.

Tuesday Baumiller Article

Luke Eastin - Article Critique: "Shifting Winds: Explaining Variation in State Policies to Promote Small-Scale Wind Energy"


This paper is a review of Tomas Koontz and Joshua Wiener's case study analysis that considered the extent of variance among three states in regard to their particular small-scale wind energy policies. Through this critique, the author provides both the benefits and difficulties with the research, along with the future prospects for research in this area of policy studies.

Luke Eastin Article

Ashley Harrington - Googalization: The Response to a "Friend Request" in the Workplace


With social networking taking over the lives and time of its users, workplace time and productivity appear to be neglected and decreasing. However, perhaps online social networking is just a plan that has yet to make its inclusion into the workplace. Within this context, the author considers both the positives and negatives associated with social networking in the workplace.

Ashley Harrington Article

Eric Stevens - A New Electoral System for a New Century 


The Electoral College as an institution is an archaic relic of times past and is in serious need of reevaluation concerning the modern age of technology and communication. Through discussion the author argues that the current electoral system is a hindrance to electoral democracy in this country and could easily be made more efficient and democratic to meed modern standards.

Eric Stevens Article