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EIU Political Science Review

The EIU Political Science Review is a new online journal created specifically for undergraduate students of political science.  The journal consists of a variety of high-quality, peer reviewed undergraduate papers. Nearly any type of political science paper from a EIU political science course (3000-4000) can be submitted to the journal including: position papers, analytical critiques, research papers, book reviews, case briefs, and many more.  If you're interested in submitting one of your own pieces of work please read below for more information.

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Why Submit a Paper to the EIU Political Science Review?

Submission of a paper to the EIU Political Science Review is a rare opportunity to have undergraduate works published in an academic journal.  This journal is a chance for undergraduate students to display their strong critical thinking and writing skills as well add an impressive line on a resume.  Moreover, for students planning on going on to graduate school or law school, a published paper can help gain the edge needed in order for admittance to competitive programs.

How to Submit a Paper?

The process is quick and easy; simply email an electronic copy (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) to either Dr. Richard Wandling (Editor-In-Cheif) or Phillip Roughton (Managing Editor) and the reviewing process will begin. Please do your best to correct for any spelling and grammatical errors before submission as this journal is for high-quality undergraduate works.

To submit a paper, please email an electronic copy to one of the following:

Dr. Richard Wandling - rawandling@eiu.edu

Phillip Roughton  - paroughton@eiu.edu


EIU Political Science Review

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