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Brazil Award photo 2014 
Dr. Melinda Mueller presenting John Proffitt with the H. Edward Brazil Award for Undergraduate Use of Quantitative Methods.

A Variety of Scholarship and Award Opportunities

 The Political Science Department has a growing number of awards and scholarships available to EIU students.  With this website section, we pull together key information on scholarship opportunities for Political Science Majors and Minors, and particularly to provide ready access to various applications for our scholarships and awards.  For undergraduate students in Political Science, here are some major categories of scholarships and awards we wish to highlight.

  • Scholarships/Awards which are initiated through faculty nominations.  Major examples for this category include:
  • The Outstanding First Year Political Science Student Award
  • The Baumgartner Scholarship (in conjunction with the College of Sciences)
  • The Outstanding Political Science Senior Award
  • The H. Edward Brazil Award for Undergraduate Use of Quantitative Methods
  • And we also should include special awards available to our majors and minors, such as:
    • The Outstanding Contribution to Model Illinois Government
    • The Outstanding Contribution to Moot Court
    • The Outstanding International Student Award
  • Scholarships/Awards which are initiated by students submitting an application.  Major examples for this category include:
  • The Robert F. Glover Student Leadership Scholarship
  • The James E. and Joseph T. Connelly Scholarship
  • The Birdina Gregg Annual Fund Award
  • The Watson Memorial Scholarship
  • Other Scholarships/Awards. In addition there are scholarship opportunities which while not focused exclusively on political science majors, definitely should be considered by our students.  One of these is the Frank McCormick Phi Beta Kappa Study Abroad Scholarship.  The Department, through the generosity of alumni donors, recently has added the option of funding to help support students involved in significant experiential learning activities that involve travel, such as for Study Abroad and internships in Washington, D.C.  Details on these opportunities are forthcoming.
    • Political science students also may be considered for a range of pre-law scholarships which are administered through the office of the Pre-Law Coordinator:
      • The C.A. Hollister Pre-Law Scholarship
      • The J.Y. Kelly Pre-Law Scholarship
      • The Errett Warner and H. Ogden Brainard and Pre-Legal Presidential Scholarship

Scholarship Applications for Political Science Students

Fall 2014 Deadlines

Watson Memorial Scholarship (Applications were due by the extended deadline date of OCTOBER 31, 2014, and they presently are being reviewed by the Department.  The expected award payment is to be over $960, payable in Fall 2014)

  • Note:  The Watson Memorial Scholarship to be awarded in AY14-15 (FY15) is earmarked for Political Science.  This scholarship rotates among the departments of Pre-Business/Business; Political Science and Theatre (preference of Theatrical Lighting), and this is the year for Political Science.)

Birdina Gregg Annual Scholarship (Applications Due--Deadline extended to Thursday, December 4, 2014, with expected award payment of $500 in Spring 2015)

  • Note: While Political Science majors may apply for this scholarship, it is open to students of any major who meet the eligibility criteria.


Spring 2015 Deadlines

Andrew Galo Scholarship for International Studies, Undergraduate Students Category (Expected Application Deadline of January 30, 2015.  Scholarship application form and related information to be posted by early December, 2014.)

Robert F. Glover Student Leadership Scholarship (Applications Due February 27)

James E. and Joseph T. Connelly Scholarship (Applications Due February 27)

Political Science Honors Scholarship (Applications Due March 4)