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Information on Scholarships for Political

Science Majors and Minors


The Political Science Department has a growing number of awards and scholarships available to EIU students.  With this website section, we pull together key information on scholarship opportunities for Political Science Majors and Minors, and particularly to provide ready access to various applications for our scholarships and awards.

For undergraduate students in Political Science, here are some major categories of scholarships and awards we wish to highlight.

  • Scholarships/Awards which are initiated through faculty nominations.  Major examples for this category include the Outstanding First Year Student Award, the Baumgartner Scholarship, the Outstanding Senior Award and the H. Edward Brazil Award for Undergraduate Use of Quantitative Methods.
  •  Scholarships/Awards which are initiated by students submitting an application.  Major examples for this category include the Political Science Honors Scholarship, the Robert F. Glover Student Leadership Scholarship, the James E. and Joseph T. Connelly Scholarship, and the Birdina Gregg Annual Fund Award.
  •  Other Scholarships/Awards. In addition there are scholarship opportunities which while not focused exclusively on political science majors, definitely should be considered by our students.  One of these is the Frank McCormick Phi Beta Kappa Study Abroad Scholarship.

Student Applications for Scholarships with Spring 2014 Deadlines:

March 7 Application Deadline--

Robert F. Glover Student Leadership Scholarship Application

James E. and Joseph T. Connelly Scholarship Application

Important Update:  The Connelly Scholarship Application Deadline has been extended to Monday, March 24.

March 21 Application Deadline--

Birdina Gregg Annual Fund Award

Frank McCormick Phi Beta Kappa Study Abroad Scholarship

March 31 Application Deadline--

Political Science Honors Scholarship Application