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The Political Science Association at EIU

Meetings: Tuesday, 5p.m.

The Political Science Association (PSA) at Eastern Illinois University provides opportunities to engage in political discussion for all students, no matter their major, political affiliation, or level of political participation. We are a nonpartisan political association on campus that strongly encourages our members to engage their fellow members in substantive political conversations and to try to come up with practical solutions to issues at hand.

Careers in political science are competitive, and thus along with political discussion we will also provide our members with political resources and opportunities. These resources include: keynote speaking events, internship guidance, engagement with local politicians and alumni working in government positions, debates, volunteer options, and fundraising events. The options listed are skills members can use on their resumes. Members are strongly encouraged to participate in any or all of the options listed above.

If you are interested in joining the Political Science Association at EIU or have any questions please contact the association’s faculty adviser, Dr. Richard Wandling (rawandling@eiu.edu).  The 2016-2017 PSA governing body can be contacted via email as follows: Kate Arnold (kmarnold@eiu.edu), President, or Jeremy Lynch (jjlynch@eiu.edu), Vice-President.