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The Political Science Association

Next Gen Photo

Political Science majors Brandi Bolton, Stephanie Garcia and Will Beltran (second, third and fourth from left) with Next Gen Illinois issues caucus coordinators.

The Political Science Association (PSA) provides Eastern Illinois University political science students with the opportunity to engage in discussions of political issues, while assisting students in learning about political science careers and encouraging student participation in political activities. This group is open to all majors and minors of Political Science as well as any other students interested in Political Science.

It is a great way to meet others who share an interest in Political Science. The organization seeks to understand politics and policy from a nonpartisan, non-ideological perspective, but of course individual political views inevitably present themselves and have in the past led to interesting and productive informal debates on political issues and questions. This student group is great for students wanting to take on the major questions facing us at all levels of government--for example, First Amendment issues in speech, religion and the press; U.S. military involvement in world hot spots; and public policy dilemmas in areas such as health care, poverty and economic inequality, education funding and the environment.

The PSA has organized and participated in campus programs and events that aim to inform the general student body, such as sponsoring debates between campus Democrats and Republicans; participating in campus Constitution Day panel discussions; and coordinating faculty panels on pressing policy issues. Additionally, the PSA has brought Political Science alumni back to campus to talk about career options and provide suggestions and tips on preparation for the job market.  An example of an activity from the last academic year (AY14-15) was the Political Science Association taking the lead in planning the Next Gen Illinois issues caucus, held on campus during the fall semester (see photo above).

Any student interested in joining is urged to contact  the association's faculty advisor, Dr. Richard Wandling (rawandling@eiu.edu).  The PSA is in the process of reconstituting its student leadership team for Fall 2015, and student officer contact information will be posted as soon as decisions are made.