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EIU Political Science on Facebook!

The Political Science Department hosts a Facebook site to provide another opportunity to keep up with what's going on among our faculty, students and alumni. This site does not have aspirations to reach the million friends threshold, but rather it aims to provide a relaxed and civil forum for news and updates from our students and alumni. And it is particularly interesting as an example of a partnership between faculty and students, specifically between its faculty coordinators and the Political Science Association.

Here are a few examples of posts by members of the EIU Political Science Group:

  • Announcements on employment and internship opportunities, along with scholarship and award application processes.
  • News,updates and insights from PLS alumni
  • Activities of student organizations/groups such as the Political Science Association, Pi Sigma Alpha, Moot Court and Model Illinois Government.
  • Reminders on campus presentations and speakers of special interest to the political science community.
  • Posts drawing the group's attention to thought-provoking articles on major issues in politics and policy.
  • Links to emerging research on subjects of great interest to political science questions--e.g., voting and elections, civic engagement, partisan and ideological similarities and differences... 

If you are not part of this network, and you are an EIU Political Science student, alumnus or a friend of the department, please visit the lower corner of our departmental homepage and look for the familiar Facebook icon. We all know what that looks like! Or when you are on Facebook, just do a search of groups, and you will readily find us under the heading "EIU Political Science Department".