Physics Major:  Tyler Linder

Tyler LinderTyler Linder entered the Physics Department of Eastern Illinois University after service in the navy. His experience as an Interior Communication Electrician aboard the nuclear aircraft carrier John Stennis (CV-74) gave him valuable technical experience for his chosen field of Physics/Astronomy, and made him a world traveler. Among the places he’s visited while in the navy were the ports of Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Hawaii.

 He joined the Astrophysics research group led by Dr. Conwell and adjunct professor Robert Holmes. In the summer of 2010 he spent over 400 nighttime hours at the Eastern campus observatory, calibrating the telescope and learning how to do astometric and photometric measurement on asteroids. This summer, 2011, he will spend in a NSF sponsored, REU at Northern Illinois University and Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona.

 Tyler is now entering his senior year at EIU and hopes to enter graduate school after completing his degree.   His principal work has been measuring the orbits of Near Earth Object (NEO) that might one day collide with the Earth. He also worked in the group that refurbished a 30” telescope and in 2011 this telescope joined the SKYNET gamma ray search program. 

 In the spring of 2011 Tyler made full use of the SKYNET connection. The SKYNET organization allows use of telescopes all over the world for participants in the group. Tyler spent over a month making nightly observations with a telescope in Chile through this system. He said it was amazing to be pointing a telescope and taking pictures in Chile, all from the comfort of his own room.

 Tyler frequents the campus observatory and appreciates the freedom and research opportunities that majoring in physics at EIU have given him.